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Hold Onto Your Daydream

Somewhere in my life I have heard the phrase “don’t quit your daydream.” It’s been sitting heavy with me lately as my daughter starts to talk about college. As the world starts opening up. As I get closer to my fiftieth birthday.

I feel like too often we don’t let ourselves dream. At least I don’t. I wrap myself up on a cloak of seriousness. I’m an optimistic realist. I don’t let myself have any what ifs and everything has to have a timeline. An end goal. A finish line. Somewhere I lost the girl who wanted to write for Rolling Stone. 

I don’t let myself dream because I have taken the approach that won’t happen anyway. But what if it did?Because it could.And why does it have to?

Dreams are an escape. My retired parents look at condos EVERYDAY in Hawaii. They have decorated them. They have been looking at houses and talking about them before they could even afford one. It was their escape.Now it’s their thing. 

Dreams are healthy.They are fun. They give you a path and sometimes even a reality check.Sometimes they’re kinda outlandish to other people and somehow come true.

Case in point.

I have always wanted to meet…Henry Rollins.

Guess who I met? Yup, Henry Rollins…In a million years I didn’t think it would happen and it did. Talk about a confidence boost!

Dreams don’t have to be big either.My latest – sitting by a pool with a very fruity umbrella drink. It isn’t  happening anytime soon. But inspired by this particular daydream I made myself an iced coffee and sat on my porch in the sun. Not quite the same but not too shabby. My daughter wants to be a director or animator. I love to hear how passionate she is and I love that she shares her dreams with me.

Dreams are yours. Your reminder. Your motivator. Escape. Maybe even your hope.So I am going to start holding on tight to my daydreams. And start saving for a vacation by a pool with a fruity umbrella drink.

Be safe, much love Mommas