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Make The Other Person Feel Important

Make the other person feel important…

How often does someone stop to ask a question, and since we’re in the middle of doing something, we don’t look up and let them ask the question to the side of our head? It’s not like we’re not listening, it’s just we’re busy.  We have taught ourselves to multitask, and to be able to listen to someone while working on the task at hand.

The practice of stopping what we’re doing, turning and facing them,  and giving them our full attention, sends the message that they are important. I can hear what you are thinking, (because I’ve  thought it myself). They are the ones interrupting me. They are the ones not respecting my time… This is where my favorite quote from Wayne Dyer changes my attitude every time… He said:  “We have a choice.  Do we want to be right, or kind?”

What’s the end of the game here? Do we want better, more fulfilling relationships? If so, the answer is very clear.  

Let’s do whatever we can to make the other person feel important, and do it sincerely.

There is  wonderful story about a little girl saying to her mother, “mommy, I know you love me”. When her mother asked how she knew, she replied “because whenever I talk to you, you stop what you are doing to listen to me.”

It is a very simple process to stop ,to listen, make eye contact and to pay attention, yet in reality it seems quite difficult because of our inner dialogue. So, regard this as a friendly reminder on your journey to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships both in personal life and in your work life.

Use Dale Carnegie’s principle Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.

i hope you too, feel important.


How to Stand Out on Instagram

A few quick thoughts about standing out on Instagram:

First, use quality images

Use quality photos, and if you are adding words to photos, make sure they are readable. Make sure the photo is clear, in focus, high resolution, and can be viewed easily on all media devices. When adding quotes or words to photos, use font colors that stand out and can be easily seen. Most people are viewing everything on Instagram from their phones, so if your photo is of poor quality, it will appear blurry and distorted and will be quickly passed by. Not to mention, people viewing it will develop an opinion of your brand that is unfavorable. Brands that are posting low quality photos are seen as not paying enough attention to their social media presence.

Second, use engaging content

Social media was designed to create relationships. Take advantage of that and post photos that draw people in and provide a positive reaction. Post photos of people using your product or service to engage other people. Don’t simply post pictures of your product or service – nobody cares, and social media platforms are not for selling. Rather, they are for encouraging people to relate to you and your brand. Post images that inspire and contribute. Social media is best used as a place to ‘give,’ not a place to ‘get’ — keep that in mind when managing your brand and posting content.

Third, stay on message

Keep content focused on the message of your brand. If you are a shoe company, don’t post hundreds of pictures of food. Many brands make the mistake of spreading too wide and away from their core objective, which confuses people. It needs to always be very clear to people who you are and what you do. Consumers need to be able to count on you to deliver what you promise, and if your social media is all over the place, it dilutes your ability to produce the desired result.