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Tips For A Successful Job Interview

Searching for a job can be intimidating, especially if it has been awhile since you have had to put yourself out there and especially since now a lot of initial resume ‘reviewing’ is done by software—at least in larger companies—it seems like the ‘human’ element has gone out of a lot of things.

However, in my opinion humanity will never go out of style meaning that there are things you can do that will set you apart from everyone else.  Each person has a unique gift that they are meant to share with the world, and you have to trust that fact even when you are stressed out and searching for a job…

In my 51 years I have interviewed many people for many different job positions, I have used temp agencies as well as skilled headhunters to find appropriate candidates and I can honestly say that there are a few tips for how to ensure a job interview is successful…keep in mind that every job interview is a chance for you to make an impression and make a connection…even if that particular job doesn’t pan out, you never know how that connection may bless you in the future.

That said it is always important that you present yourself well no matter what you are interviewing for.  Here are some pointers that might be helpful:


  • Present yourself well as first impressions actually DO matter, make sure that your appearance is neat and clean— tucked in shirts, no chipped nail polish, no runs in your stockings, no stained clothes etc—you get the idea. How you present yourself and your attention to detail speaks volumes to people—pay attention to how you are coming across.
  • Always be a few minutes early, it shows that it is important to you.
  • Keep your cell phone out of sight, give your undivided attention to the task at hand.
  • Do your homework—take time to research the company that you are interviewing with and perhaps the person if you have been given their information ahead of time. Doing a little intel prior to your interview can help you ask informed questions and it also shows that you are thorough.
  • Be yourself—you have to be authentic, do not try to please people or behave in some way that you think others would ‘like’—- believe in yourself and your worth.
  • If you are ‘on the hunt’ for a job remember that your prospective company is also doing their pre-interview homework on you too—meaning be mindful of what you post on social media or on the internet in general—just because you think your profile is ‘private’ does not always mean that it is…
  • Be fearless…remember your value and that you are in essence interviewing them too—don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak your mind in a respectful way.
  • Stay away from discussing or bringing up divisive subjects, nothing good will come from that unless it directly relates to the work that you would be doing.
  • Be positive—nobody wants to hire a negative/toxic person, there is enough of that in the world, be part of the solution.

Lastly, have fun with the process…ultimately you want to look forward to the work that you do—nobody wants to go to a job they hate with people that they don’t like—do not create that for yourself—have fun and be open to learning new things and having new experiences—if you keep yourself in a positive, peaceful place the unexpected blessing can find you.


XO, N.