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When In Doubt, Go Back to the Basics

As I have been saying this has been a really hard season, leaving my big corporate job almost two years ago now and taking a stand for building my own work into something that can solely support me.  When I made that transition I willingly cut my income by almost 75% and as you may imagine walking through what all of that means while I rebuild has been difficult and at times VERY difficult…

I have been studying and practicing Prosperity Principles since I was 12 years old and I often draw on what I know to get me through the darkest times and I often share that knowledge with all of you…when in doubt I go right back to the most basic tools in my toolbox:)  One of those tools is what we call “the lists”—these lists are based on the understanding that in order to bring about your new good you must first be able to WRITE IT DOWN.  How many things have you seen where someone is telling you to write goals down because it helps your subconscious to start bringing that stuff into being–valid point.

The new book/workbook that I am currently creating for you guys is all about HOW to change the game, the lists will be in it.  I don’t want you to have to wait until Spring to start this practice for yourself, so I have created the lists as 3 FREE downloads on the site—go and download them now.

There are 3 basic lists:

Manifestation List– this is where you will write down all the things that you want to manifest right now.  These can be materials objects, attitudes, habits, states of mind, favorable conditions etc.  You will note that at the bottom of the template I have put **This or something better…this is to ensure that the perfect right things for YOU find their way to you.  You may write something down that really isn’t the Divine right thing for you, by adding this line we take care of that.  You can now be sure that whatever is supposed to come to you for your highest good will make its way to you.

Elimination List– this is where you will write down all the things that no longer serve you such as worn out furniture, old clothes, extra weight, old ways of thinking, fear, clutter, being reactive and so on.  We do NOT put people on this list, these lists are POWERFUL tools– use them wisely.  You can put your attitudes toward someone on the list, just not the person themselves.  You can also say things like “eliminate the animosity between myself and xxx”—again just not the person themselves.  You will note that I have that on the template as well.

Gratitude List—this is where you will write ALL the things that you are currently grateful for, make this as detailed as possible because the attitude of gratitude brings new good…I imagine that I don’t need to outline things that you can be grateful for, I have faith that you guys understand this one:)

The lists are most effective when kept current so I suggest making this first set for the remaining days in October and then on November 1st print out new ones from the site and refresh.  You have to LOOK at them every day, so pick a time that you can sit and review them daily…this keeps it uppermost in your mind and will help bring it into being.  You have to be able to create your future first in writing…so let’s get started…I am doing this with you guys today because as I said when I am in doubt I go right back to the basics.

You are welcome to comment here or email me with any questions that you have on this whole listing process.

-XO, Noelle

Who Cares How You ‘feel’ ????

So raising a teenager is an interesting exercise and raising one as a single mom without the Dad involved is sooooo much more interesting…a discussion a moment ago:

Me: do your oral presentation, you need to video it and review everything before you do.
Boy: that’s sooooooooo much work, I don’t feel like it, it’s too hard.
Me: I don’t give a flying xxx how you feel, get up and get moving on it.
Boy: Looking for an apartment, I can’t wait to get out of here.
Me: I can send you to Grammy and Papa Steve, then you will really see what’s it’s like to have to work.
Boy: Just let me film this, you will do it wrong if you help me, just go in your office and DO NOT listen to me making this video.
Me: (Leaving the room, laughing to myself)
Me: (from my office) It sounds great!
I share this moment in time with you because it illustrates the point I want to make today about how it doesn’t matter how you feel when you need to get something done. Effective and successful people pay very little attention to how they ‘feel’ in the moment and it certainly never stops them from getting anything done.
We are producing results when we are sad, ill, pissed off, worried, happy, tired and sick of everything. Too many people out there right now operate based on how they ‘feel’ and then they whine and complain about how their lives don’t look the way they want.
There is NO easy button, if you want to make something happen, get off your ass and do something about it…don’t tell us how you ‘feel’ , it doesn’t matter to us because we are BUSY producing results. If your life isn’t what you want –DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
My son says I am mean:)—yet here is what I know for sure when this kid leaves my house he will be an effective, contributing member of society able to take care of himself, pay his bills and give back in service to others. I don’t care if he ‘likes’ me, I care that he learns how to produce results and serve humanity. Most of the time I didn’t like my Grandfather or my Mother—I thought they were awful and soooo mean…however if it wasn’t for their ‘meanness’ I would likely have given up when life got really hard years back…some days it is still really hard, yet I am up to the task, well-trained in how to be a warrior…I can thank my ‘mean’ Italian relatives for that! Thank GOD they had the courage to be ‘mean’ and that they didn’t accept weakness or excuses or whining…because now I am successful in spite of tons of things that tried hard to get in my way.
You can do WHATEVER you set your mind too, you just have to keep pushing through the crap no matter how you feel in the moment. Just keep moving, after a while the obstacles give up and fade away…