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TWSM Tuna Recipe Round-Up Review

Tuna Recipe Round-Up

Early on in the pandemic inspired-shutdowns and stay at home orders my boss gave me two cases of canned tuna. That’s a lot of tuna. Dylan and I quickly grew tired of the simple tuna salad sandwiches I normally make on a hurried Saturday afternoon full of chores and errands. A mission to find alternative recipes and ideas for canned tuna ensued. I asked friends and people on foodie Facebook groups for their favorites, and I tried several to narrow it down to our three favorites.


Tuna Casserole for One from One Dish Kitchen

Dylan and I made tuna casserole one rainy evening when we both needed comfort food. It was easy to double to make it “for two” and utilizes standard pantry staples. I did discover as I was preparing the dish there was no lemon juice in the house. Cooking sherry proved to be a good substitute that provided a richness and elevated the dish. I also included some celery for nostalgia and crunch. Tuna casserole was a hit, and I’m pleased to find a recipe that can be easily prepared even on evenings I’m alone.


Spicy Sriracha Tuna Wraps from Gimme Delicious


Who else misses sushi? There isn’t a sushi place open around my area yet, and I’m having withdrawals for a good spicy tuna roll. Spicy Sriracha Tuna was a wonderful substitute to satisfy my cravings for now. Because I needed something easier to eat than a wrap while eating lunch at my desk to meet a deadline, I turned the tuna mixture into a salad of sorts on a bed of spinach. Perfect for a working lunch! It would also be fantastic picnic fare. In addition to a wrap, I feel it would also be good stuffed in an avocado half or cucumber boat.

Easy Tuna Dip from Pamela Salzman

When I described this tuna dip via text to my dear friend River, he said “So it’s a tuna hummus,” which I thought was a good way of describing it. Because I never use anchovy paste, after some research, I substituted it for Worcestershire sauce, which worked perfectly. The capers provided a wonderful saltiness and “umammi.” I used the suggested white beans, although optional avocado would give this a nice creaminess I think would be fantastic. Dylan wasn’t interested in trying this tuna dip, so I was able to enjoy it all to myself on the deck one lazy Sunday afternoon following online church worship services. It was excellent with gluten free nut crackers, bell pepper slices, carrot rounds, and celery sticks. I think a good crusty toasted bread would also be a tasty choice.



TWSM Spaghetti Carbonara Review

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Days we have to work late. The kid has a scout meeting. You forgot a key ingredient for dinner. You need a comfort meal for dinner on your own. Or you want a fancy, but simple dish to fix with friends. Enter this easy spaghetti carbonara from SkinnyTaste. This quick and easy dish is perfect for those meals when you want food on the table fast and with little fuss.

I love how Gina at SkinnyTaste describes this dish, “creamy egg, diced bacon, grated cheese, and copious amounts of black pepper–a Roman dish reminiscent of an American breakfast.” It’s all there. The creaminess of the egg, pungent spiciness of the black pepper, saltiness from the cheese, the smokiness of the bacon. The egg poached and mixed in at the end rather than combined with the cheese to finish is a special touch that elevates this dish. It also gives more opportunity for the egg yolk to shine. And come on, egg yolk is one of the best sauces out there. Sometimes I fry or poach an egg simply for the runny silkiness the yolk adds to a dish.

In making this recipe, I failed to pick up parsley at the grocery store, so I did without. (It’s not a favorite in my house anyway). I did, however, make sure to use high quality Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano cheeses, and because I’m all about cheese, I also added a quarter cup extra. Be sure to save a little pasta water in case you reduce the chicken broth a touch too much. Some reserved pasta water helps loosen up leftovers while reheating. And speaking of leftovers, adding the poached egg on top instead of mixing it in does help the sauce not thicken too much while you’re waiting for the kiddos to find their Scout handbook they will need three minutes after supper is finished. The addition of the egg at the last minute also means your sauce won’t be overly thick hanging out in the fridge for a couple days. If you struggle to poach an egg, soft frying one would be an acceptable substitute. What you’re looking for is lots of runny yolk.

Serve this simple spaghetti carbonara with some extra arugula, spinach, and romaine combined in a nice crisp salad with a light white wine vinaigrette. If you’re hosting your mom friends, this dish pairs well with a good pinot grigio.


Keep It Simple Sweetie(K.I.S.S.)

Keep it simple, Sweetie. When most of us try to move forward, make a change, or start our soul journey, we may tend to over complicate things. We can make things harder than they need to be and leave ourselves in a confused distraught mess. 

Not to long ago I found myself in an anonymous self help group.  I am a co-dependent, my addiction is people and problems. I didn’t know why life and functioning healthily didn’t just click for me, and the majority of the people in my life were addicts and alcoholics, who displayed similar but different dysfunctions as me. 

My overthinking drove me into the ground, I would reach out to others in this group, and they would tell me Keep it simple sweetie, and let go and let god. It was hard for me to understand how could I just let go of this complicated mess ( that I thought I needed to fix most of the time) until realized I was the one making it complicated. I was usually trying to bend the situation or outcome to what I desired it to be. Letting go and keeping it simple helped me keep my head above water.

Other times I found myself going stagnant, I found boat loads of wisdom in the phrase Easy does it, but do it damn it. If it means you have to take a slower pace to work on certain things, that may be pain full so be it as long as you are moving forward, and not getting complacent.

When things turn upside down and i’m not sure which way is up, or things seem just a little too rough I use these two phrases as checks and balances. Am I keeping it simple? Am I continually pushing forward? Am I letting go of the things that aren’t meant for me?

On our journey it is good to keep ways to check and balance ourselves and our path, so that even when we wander we will never be lost.

Learning, Loving, Growing


Simplify Your Life Bit By Bit

I think that we are always and forever looking for ways to simplify our lives. Make things easier so days and nights aren’t quite so hectic and life in general can just slow down a bit.

The reality of it though, is it’s just not reality.  Although,I do love this article on ways to simplify your life, even just picking a few of those things can help tone down the stress of the every day. I do quite a few of these and many we have discussed in blog posts prior…budget, meal planning, groceries… I think by picking just one or two and tackling those immediately you will begin to see the relief that it can bring. Then tackle another one or two and so on.  Do it on your time, but do it! There are so many things we can control to help simplify our lives.

What ways do you simplify your life?


Love to All-


Welcome to the Redesign

Good Morning and welcome to the redesign…I decided that the focus of the site needed to be the blog and that it should be really simple and clean…so here we are.  Simple and clean is a good thing to get back to, often times I think we go out too far, go overboard with ‘stuff’, try to fit too much in and that gets exhausting.  Sometimes the best thing that we can do, is step-back, regroup and get back to basics.  When we get rid of all the stuff we don’t need, we can see what is really there, what really matters and then we can work with that.  What really matters to me is talking to you guys about how to reveal your own excellence and to teach you that ‘impossible’ IS just an opinion and it doesn’t have to be your opinion.

Today take a look at what’s around you and see where you can simplify, throw stuff out, re-arrange, take a breath and get back to the basics of what works and what you are passionate about…simple and clean is the motto for today…xoxo

Life Doesn’t Have an EASY Button…

Life doesn't offer an 'easy' button

Life DOES NOT have an easy button!  Anything that you want in this life you need to work for and earn, at least anything worth having.  In the process of working to earn something you enable yourself to be worthy to have it and therefore you can keep it.

I have some more unfortunate news…life wasn’t meant to be ‘easy’, life is meant to teach you so that you can elevate your soul and serve other people. For the self-serving folks in the crowd this will be sad news, for others of you this will just be a confirmation of what you already know to be true.

Working to earn something doesn’t have to be an unhappy circumstance, life is what you make it and we have the freedom to choose our response to any situation.

An alarming number of children growing up today are not being taught to earn what they wish to have, their parents are simply giving them whatever they want be it money, cars, electronics, college tuition etc.  These children will turn into adults that expect an ‘easy’ button to be available to them and when it isn’t they won’t understand.  They will be ill-equipped to handle life as it really is and they will become ineffective adults waiting for somebody else to solve their problems.

There are already enough ineffective adults floating around expecting someone to take care of them, we don’t need to add more.  Don’t be afraid to work hard to get what you want in life, God helps those who help themselves.  If you are sitting around unhappy with the way your life has turned out waiting for the ‘easy’ button to fall on your head here is the Staples link to order yourself one http://www.staples.com/Staples-Easy-Button/product_606396 .  Everyone else get to work…