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The Secret Know

The secret know…..the last few weeks I have really been thinking about what I want in a relationship. Maybe because for the first time in a long time, I’m kinda sorta in one.

It’s hard for me to let my guard down. Let someone in. Say this is my person.

I have mentioned this before I am afraid. I have let myself want things I didn’t think I could have, only to have them taken away.

Then I realize fear should not be my guide.

Caution sure. But fear. Then I’ll never move forward. I can’t use it as my shield to not be honest with myself or others. I think sometimes I do.

In fact I know I do.

It’s easier to walk away when you don’t let someone completely in. 

On the flip-side I think it has also made me settle.I have maybe looked the other way in certain situations out of fear.Both of committing and if I’m being honest. Being alone.

After my divorce I plunged headfirst into a relationship with an ex boyfriend. He moved back to our home state to be with me. I was overwhelmed by the gesture. Except he moved closer to his family, not me. We were together for a really long time and in that time he never tried to meet my daughter. One grand gesture can’t forgive that.

Yet for the longest time I let it. Among other things.

I casually started dating.  It felt like Lemony Snickett and a Series of Unfortunate Events.I think it was fifty percent me and fifty percent them.And to be honest … dating is hard. Dating after divorce. Harder. Dating divorced with children is even harder. Dating with children and you’re over a certain age – hardest. Then out of nowhere I reconnected with an old friend and here we are trying to figure it out.

Well ok, I am.

The balance.

How much do I let him in?

How much do I tell my daughter?

Do I tell my daughter?

How much do I ask for?

What can I ask for?

For some of you reading this you may be thinking what is the problem?


I was what you’d like to call a late bloomer.




I feel like I’m learning again and it’s terrifying and exciting.Secretly, I do kinda know what I want.

A partner in crime.

Who recognizes I have legitimately built my life around my daughter. So I want to let you in. It’s just scary. I have to think of her. Just have to.

I want the cheesy..

Not all of it but some.

I have never had it. Ever.

I have always been an afterthought even in my own marriage. 

I am kinda of over that. Not kinda. I am.

You know when you were a kid and you got picked last on a team? That is how it has been for me in my relationships. Maybe because I’m so independent I have accepted it as part of being independent. But there’s a line and I think I’ve let too many people cross it.

I said it last week and I will say it again.

To not be afraid.

To not be afraid to want things.

To ask for them.

To not be embarrassed or feel bad that I want them.

I keep thinking I tell my daughter to embrace who she is and lean into all the things that make her great. What would she think if she knew her Mom doesn’t know how to speak up for herself when she cares about someone?

A friend sent me a meme recently it was:

Friend: I need some advice. Me: eating a tube of cookie dough. “You’ve come to the right place.”

I have never identified with a meme more.I support and cheer-lead the people I love.Yet here I am a bit helpless. A lot clueless. Still scared.

I think I know what I want. Now this guarded girl needs to work on phase two.


Please pass the cookie dough on your way out…

Be safe

Much love Mommas


Keeping Me Time In Relationships

Me time…..I had never really had my own hobbies or activities when I was married.  I know I have wrote about that in the past, how I would just go along with whatever my husband did or enjoyed doing for the most part…Towards the end of our marriage, I started to go to concerts with my 3 of my lifelong friends.  And as time went on, I started to get into more activities that I loved, some were with friends and others were by myself.  

Years after my divorced when I was in a relationship, I felt myself slipping into that old pattern.  I would give up the things that I loved to do.  I would go along with the activities that he loved to do.  I would give up working out in the morning, which is something that I really needed to do and loved to do every day.  I really wanted to workout and get up an go for a hike, but I felt guilty doing it.  On the weekends, we would tend to all of his hobbies or the sporting events.   After months into the relationship, I did not spend much time doing any of  the things I loved.   I think part of me was just insecure of losing the relationship.  I was under this mindset that It was one or the other, either interests or a relationship.

Now, years later I have found my favorite activities and interests again.  I have wrote many times about the importance of having that time to do what you love…Or finding time to try new interests that you might love.  There is something about having that one thing that you just love to do.  I joined a golf league 3 years ago and I know that it is something that I would not give up. I love it!   

I have had numerous conversations with my friends about keeping your “me” time even in relationships.  I have had numerous conversations with them about how you can still have a great relationship and can spend time apart.  You can still take the time for golf league or girls nights or book club.  Or you can still take a night to just hang out by yourself. 

It’s hard to keep a good balance in a relationship, especially in the beginning.  We meet that special someone and you just want to spend every moment with them. Its exciting and new….And then what happens….you learn they are a hunter and is gone every weekend for 3 months? Or they play on the fastpitch softball league?  Or he plays on a bowling league every Wednesday night?   And then what if you break up?  

What happened to all the things you loved to do… did you throw them all away for the last few months or years during the relationship…  Hopefully not… or even worse did you ditch all your friends and now are hoping one of them still remembers your name… hopefully not.   

The reality is that I have things I like to do and sometimes I like to do them alone.  Being in my 40’s, I do not want to give up my interests and the things I love, but I also want to have a good relationship.  It’s a balance to have that healthy relationship and still have your time.  What is too much time apart and what is too little… it’s a balancing act.  If I want to continue golf league every Tuesday night, then I need to be supportive of his bowling league on Wednesday nights.  

There are many different scenarios to having your “me” time and communicating it in a relationship.  Having that time for you and your activities is healthy…it makes you happy, gives you confidence, and gives you ownership in something you love!   Don’t give it up!





Are You Listening?

One of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs has a chorus with the lines… “if you’re listening, sing it back.”

Then there are the whoa’s for good measure.

But it makes me think of how we, ok me, how I communicate with people.

In particular the ones I am dating.

Look I pulled back the curtain last week about easily one of the worst relationships I have ever had. Might as well go here too.

I am not the best communicator.

I can write. I can host a radio show, two actually. I can speak in front of hundreds of people.

Tell the man I love what I want.


Nope. Not always.

Not at first. Not until he uses the jaws of life to get it out of me.

Friends, there have been times I have had to cover my eyes and turn around when I have to share.

My favorite thing, when things get deep for me is to say ANYWAY.

The thing is I do share. But I continue to live in fear if I share too much I will be perceived as weak or a burden.

None of which I am and if someone treats me like that when I share something that means something to me- I don’t want them in my life.

Somewhere along the way someone taught me they don’t want to know the things about me, that make me, me. I have friends who have seen me at my worst know all my hopes and dreams and decades later are still here.

So why can’t I accept someone I love wouldn’t feel the same?

I don’t know. I do know but that’s not what this is about.

It’s about all of us as a collective getting comfortable with telling people, in particular people we love what we need.

One of my good friends likes to say- if people don’t want to know the answer they shouldn’t ask the question.

But what if they’re just being polite?

See what I did there? That is called negative self talk. Don’t do that.

Every week I put pieces of myself on paper for you all to read. The difference is for me at least – I don’t know you. You can’t break my heart.

I think at the core of this, that is my problem.

Why I am not always the best and being straight forward.

I don’t want my heart broken.

I am forty eight years old my friends, I am way ready to have my time for happy. As long as I am openly communicating… I have spent way too many decades wanting things I don’t have.

I had an idea of how things were going to be and absolutely none of that happened. That’s ok. It happened. I survived. I did what I needed to do.

But I am so ready.

Beyond, for all of it

So I guess I better start speaking up.

And I hope you do too.

Be safe.

Much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

Pay Attention

Pay attention….I was talking to one of my bff’s yesterday, she called me to process her most recent breakup with a man that she had been dating for a few months.  In the course of our discussion we realized that there were some ‘red flags’ early on that she dismissed as well as some on-going red flags that she didn’t give enough attention to.  IF she had paid close attention from the start she may have saved them both time and energy as she would have admitted to herself that they were not well matched.

The conversation with her warranted me doing a blog post about PAYING ATTENTION…you will ALWAYS be warned when you are around someone that isn’t good for you—whether it is a relationship or a friendship or a work association…if you are paying attention and looking at the facts in front of your face you will see the things you need to see.  Sadly, most of us look through rose-colored glasses and dismiss important information in the name of wanting to create relationship.  

It is important to keep in mind that nothing is more draining than a relationship that is toxic to you,relationships that contribute to you are life-giving,the toxic ones are energy stealers.

When evaluating someone to determine whether or not they are someone that you want in your world pay attention to a few important things:

  • Watch what they DO—actions people watch actions
  • See how they behave in public, how they treat clerks and waitstaff and other people standing in line etc
  • Listen to what they talk about—do they constantly complain, are they whiners, do they speak from a victim mentality
  • Look at their lives and what has happened to them, more importantly what KEEPS happening to them??? Do they have a long string of unwelcome events, are they always broke?  Always blaming someone else? Always having ‘bad luck’?
  • Trust but VERIFY—- verify what you are told, check facts, check story details, make sure everything adds up
  • Watch their habits—look for consistency…do they always oversleep, are they lazy, do they return calls and texts in a timely fashion, are they thoughtful, do they help, do they look to contribute or are they ‘takers’
  • Look at how they present themselves to the world…are they clean, neat or messy and disheveled — is their car clean or is it a dumpster with wheels?

All of these things will tell you a lot about someone’s character and they don’t even have to say a word. People will mostly tell you what they think you want to hear, you have to look for what is being communicated without words.

Pay attention to the ‘red flags’ you see and tailor your behavior accordingly —it will save you a lot of time and energy.

See you next week.

XO, Noelle

Date Night Has Changed My Relationship

My husband and I are finally recovering financially from Christmas and 2 children’s Birthdays! Every year we have a budget for Christmas & Birthday’s, but no matter how much planning, saving and budgeting we do through the year, it still sets us back, and something MAJOR ALWAYS HAPPENS(this year it was the engine in our car). We have an emergency fund so that has been depleted, but that is what’s it there for.

So, the reality of it is, something suffers. Unfortunately, it’s usually our once a month, minimum “date night”.

Having been married and divorced once before, and close to divorcing a second time. I had to sit down and evaluate what it was that was suffering. When I married for a second time, it took us 7 years to decide that we were going to marry. My first marriage was young, impulsive, infidelity, lying, abusive, immature,expected and toxic. This marriage is NOTHING like that-how could we be headed down the road for divorcing?!? We both have/had responsibilities in this break-down, some small, some larger. For me, I felt like we were just going through the motions of raising kids, paying bills, doing chores, and focusing on and pleasing what mattered to everyone else.  I didn’t want to be “mom” every moment of my day, every day of my life. I enjoy being mom and wouldn’t trade it for the world BUT I also wanted to be the woman who he fell in love with to begin with. And I didn’t want him to be dad every day of the rest of his life. We needed to get back to taking care of ourselves and taking care of our relationship. So, one thing we decided on was a minimum of once a month date day/night. And over the last 3 years I would have to admit, we have missed a few but always get back on track! It’s done wonders for us. As we grow older we change, I nor he is the same person we were when we met each other, and probably not even the same people we were a year ago. Our date night allows us to continue to get to know each other and connect. Finding time for just our relationship was not the only issue we had but I would say the biggest issue we had, once we started date night our communication also opened up.

There comes times when date night is just not doable in the financial means so we have found ways to get around that. Picnics, fishing, kayaking, making and sitting down to supper together ALONE, etc…

If you are a reader of our blog, we always talk and stress about how important it is to take care of yourself-needing to be healthy and the best for yourself before you can for others! This is first and foremost. But also be sure to make the time to take care of your relationships too, whether it be with a significant other, a sibling, best friend, parents, whomever! A phone call, a cup of coffee over the dining room table, a walk around the park while the kids are playing, whatever it may be, do it!

Love to All-