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Go Through Your Excess

Excess clothes, excess shopping bags, excess safety pins, excess kitchen magnets.  I could go on and on with this list.   When you really stop and think about all the drawers and cubbies and closets that you may have an adundance of things taking up space.  Unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted things… it just might be time to go through and purge, merge and unsplurge.  Lol.

If you knew now how you would feel after all the undoing of years of doing…. You would have started already.  It’s hard to explain the freedom you get when you get rid of the extra things you don’t need, don’t use and don’t even like very much. It’s liberating, really.

It’s like explaining to your friend what it was like to have a baby… you don’t give it any justice.  Well this is what I’m saying about going through your excess.  It’s beyond words.

And you know the best part….after you get rid of the unwanted excess there is now space to bring in things that warm your heart.  Things that make you feel good when you look at them.  New photos, wood signs with your favorite verse, poem, scripture or quote.  There’s room for new makeup when you get rid of the piles of old.  There’s room for collecting wine corks to make a trivet if you get rid of the collection of plastic grocery bags.  Have you been wanting to make a jigsaw puzzle but there was never any room on the kitchen table?  Have you been wanting to buy some cool knee socks but your sock drawer is full to the brim?

Whatever it is that might make you smile…..bring it into your life.  But FIRST, go through the spaces that make you roll your eyes at yourself.  And during the whole process, laugh at it all and have fun.