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Unstoppable—Practicing Relentless JOY

Unstoppable– impossible to stop

Relentless– constant, continuing. 

Last Saturday on ‘The Coffee Chat’ show I told you to watch out for when ‘monkey mind’ started to try and sabotage your momentum…I warned you to stay vigilant and not let that stop you.  We talked about ‘doing the thing and getting the power’ –knocking out the stuff that you have been neglecting to finish or have put off.  Now I am going to remind you that ‘monkey mind’ is not the only thing that will try to get in your way when you are on a roll—the force of chaos itself will start throwing things in your path to try and deter you from your renewed power.  Here is a real-life example from this morning…

Having promised you guys on Saturday that I would dive in and start finishing shit that I have been putting off, I made good on my promise and spent the weekend catching up on the Leadership Training modules, knocking out modules of another training program that I have been dragging on since last March and finishing one of the books that has been sitting half-read for 2 or 3 years now.  Getting all that done filled me with huge amounts of energy and ideas to do and accomplish even more—so I woke up this morning ready to rock and roll, walked into my sitting/prayer room and was assaulted by EIGHT shit stains on the WHITE carpet from one of the cats who must have had it on their paws…. EIGHT stains—mind you this was all BEFORE my first espresso…

NOW—some people would have let that define and ruin their entire day, however being as well-trained as I am and understanding that my JOY comes from making it up – I just proceeded downstairs to get the Resolve and a rag and I sprayed and cleaned all the stains with the cats looking on as if they had nothing to do with my plight…

THEN—I went back downstairs and made espresso and truthfully burst out loud laughing because I, honest to God, saw how chaos was trying SO HARD to steal my joy and throw me off my game.  I realized that when I get into ‘beast mode’ with my personal power and productivity, I am a force of nature and the catalyst to making a lot of good things happen for people— the forces of chaos don’t like that—they like it better when we leave things undone, when we feel fat and shitty about ourselves, when we complain, overeat, drink too much, spend days binge-watching Netflix etc—chaos feeds off of apathy and complacency.  It breeds there and manufactures illness, depression, fear, sadness and a shitload of other things that are not helpful.

So let me remind you today that you must access your unstoppable nature and decide to practice RELENTLESS JOY for NO reason other than the choice is yours—EVERY DAY THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Choose wisely— remember your Universal attraction point is where your vibration is—so choosing JOY means more joy finds its way to you.  If I can be happy cleaning up shit on a Monday morning before coffee—you can be happy wherever you are as well.

See you Saturday morning for Coffee Chat.  

XO, Noelle

Always Choose The Sunshine

Always choose the sunshine…

Over the years my husband and I have often received long stares and dropping jaws. Why, you wonder? Well, when conversations start with “You have an army” or “Wow, you have a basketball team”, and so on, our response always happens to be “They are twins and triplets” and no one ever knows how to react.

The response is often followed by blank stares, pure shock and “how do you do it?”

How do we do it? 

It is simple, we live off faith, hope, love and lots of patience.

Five little lives, five strong willed personalities, five dinner requests, five million loads of laundry, five cars to buy some day, five cell phones bills in our near future, five college educations, well, you get the picture.

To many people this sounds like a disaster in the making, but the truth is, it’s a blessing. We have five arms to hug us multiplied by two, five lips for goodnight kisses, five sweet voices saying “I love you” each night, and Lord willing, five chances to have a positive impact on this ever-changing world. Five chances to raise kind, compassionate, determined individuals that will one day go out into this world, as strong, outstanding citizens. 

No matter the cards you are dealt in life when you find the sunshine, the positive, the opportunities and never fail to rise to the occasion, despite the circumstances, you will win every time. You will begin to find blessings in, what, at times, seems, impossible. I often remind myself on the hard days that “someone bigger than me has a plan”. There is a purpose to every circumstance, every challenge, and everything you face and when you begin to realize that purpose, it will leave you speechless. You are always enough, always strong, even when you feel the weakest, and always, when given the chance, take full advantage of the blessings that are right in front of you. It’s a choice each and every day to find the sunshine, even among the clouds and haze. 

Choose to find the light in the dark, never stop searching for the positive, and never,ever give up.


Survive Or Thrive-The Choice Is Yours

Thrive or Survive, the choice is YOURS.

Lately I keep seeing all these posts and memes about how people are “surviving” this pandemic and how they “survived” 2020 etc etc. Which is fine, I get it…it has been tough going lately out there in the world.  However,  the word “survive” brings up very different emotions than the word “thrive” does and I wanted to bring that to your attention.

Survive brings up feelings of “just getting by”, “hanging on by a thread”, “barely making it through” etc 

Whereas THRIVE brings up feelings of power, high energy, growing, learning, being enthusiastic etc

TWO very DIFFERENT sets of emotions behind these words.

Who decides whether or not you thrive or survive??? YOU DO.

Who decides what your emotional ‘set point’ will be? YOU DO.

You get to say whether you are surviving or thriving, you decide this— not your circumstances.   I want you to SEE that.  

If you allow the world or your current circumstances to dictate your emotions and your attitude it is likely that you will live out a miserable existence most of the time.  Did you ever read the ‘Diary of A Young Girl’ by Anne Frank ????  She lived in one tiny space with her whole family as they went through the Holocaust for two years and yet she managed to remain positive and inspiring even in the worst and most horrible conditions…HOW?  She decided, that’s how…she made up her own experience of what was happening around her, she decided on her response…and her diary has gone on to become one of the most famous books in the world.

My point is that if she could remain in good spirits then so can we.  Yes, there are things happening right now all around us that may be less than favorable— yet this can inspire the optimist and the leader within us…perhaps in 100 years our diaries and writings from this time in history will inspire a new generation.   

Don’t under estimate your influence or your personal power to create the life that you want.  Quit bitching about what is wrong and start looking for what is right.  Start to THRIVE rather than just survive.

XO, Noelle

Searching For Peace

I have been searching for peace… since March(ish) whether I’ve wanted to or not I have been forced to think about how I have lived my life.

Who I spend my time with. What I want. What I need.

For the longest time I thought I was not a social person. I am still pretty sure I’m not. I have no desire when I’m able, to sit at a bar. That has never been my thing. But I miss my friends. Even though I am usually the friend who cancels or leaves early.

I am shy, but I miss walking into work everyday and saying hello. I miss chatting with people in stores that I went to frequently.

I thought I was confident in my skin… but the more time I spend online those doubts that I was pretty good at batting creep up. Sadly online has become a twisty lifeline. Not my favorite. It wasn’t before, it isn’t now and it won’t be after.

Although, comparing myself to anyone is silly. We all know how easily you can mold yourself literally, to be a completely different person online than you are in person .

I am always taken aback when I meet certain people in person and they look decidedly different IN PERSON than they do online.

I continue to say this. We have some huge opportunities here. As much as I lament about certain things. I am searching out the things that give me peace.

As I like to say. Like it’s my job.

My newest thing is windows wide open listening to the wildlife that live in the marsh across from my house. Really listening. They are a chatty group, but they are also my favorite lullaby.

I try not to look at this time as being alone but time to focus, or at the very least slow down. Although, I am not going to tell you I don’t get incredibly, painfully lonely sometimes.

I’m not going to hide that.

That’s the other thing. I’m learning to be honest with my emotions.

I wear my heart on my sleeve but if I think how I feel may hurt you or cause a burden, I do what I do. I go quiet. I might even run. That helps nobody.

I’ve started taking a step back. For the longest time because of some of the hurt I’ve had, I had a bad habit of assuming the worst. Of everything. Of everyone. I would look for cracks that didn’t exist. It was easier to self sabotage than get hurt.

Now you know that incredibly dirty secret.

I am forcing myself to still be me but be ok with me.

Which is probably the hardest thing for me.

I am not perfect, but as I say that is ok. And ok is a good start, because it leaves room for good and even great.

I am sorry I don’t have the magic elixir Mommas but as I also say…I hope me sharing helps. It helps you know, however you’re feeling… it’s ok and you’re not alone.

Be safe.

Much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

Are You Settling?

Are you settling?

If you have been keeping up with my blogs, my life is …well… It’s kind of messy.

Some of it I can control.

A lot of it I can’t,

But what the gift this chaos has given me is some moments to look inward.

Look at who I really am and what I really want.

I have had these conversations with myself before and a little bit even with you all.

The big difference is I am not sure if I listened. I also was never this close to losing so much.

I started to wonder, am I settling?

Have I settled?

I think I have.

In my career definitely. It was easy. I knew it, it felt safe so I stayed even when there were many times I shouldn’t have. Even right now. I should probably be running for the hills, but I’m hanging on to a shred of I don’t know what, because I’m afraid of the unknown.

In my personal life. I don’t speak up like I should. I do but I don’t. I am so afraid of upsetting the person I’m with, that I don’t speak up sometimes until it’s much too late. The hurt is already there. The irony is – he wants me to. But what I know- is to say I’m fine and move on. Put the wall up. Be hurt and hope maybe he’ll figure it out.

No he won’t.

I need to tell him.

But I won’t because it’s easier not to.

I cross my arms and quietly stew.

The only place I don’t settle is how I deal with my friends. I call, I reach out. I am incredibly honest with them.

I wish the person they see. The person my daughter sees. Was who I could always be.

I have used the word easy a lot in this blog. Except by taking the easy way out. By settling, I think I’ve made things harder on myself.

It’s time to uncross my arms and use my voice again.

It’s time to quit settling as scary as that is.

Much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

Single By Choice

One of the craziest journeys I have been on so far has to be choosing to be single. I was single by accident for a year before I chose to be single on purpose for another year before dating.

I made this decision to help in the process of bettering myself, and it has helped a lot.

Not only have I become comfortable being single it has also helped to weed out “guy friends”.

Some people never desire anything more than the thing or person they cant have.

So many of these friends found out I was single on purpose, and it went from a feeling of casual friends to feeling I had a target on my head. I’ve had to weed some of these friends out because the way they went about expressing their sudden strong interest in me was in no way appropriate and showed me how little respect they had for me.

Most of them would make inappropriate comments, one went as far as smacking me in the rear at work. It really opened my eyes to the fact of If I had not marked myself and my standards down over the years, I wouldn’t of ended up with the guys I had because I would have seen the red flags from miles away. Yes, whom I’ve dated Is 100% my fault.

For years I was pretty upset over what others have done to me, especially people that I have dated. Now i’m looking at everything with fresh eyes, I am the one who let them treat me like that, I’m the one who continuously held the door open to low quality men.

So for now I am still choosing to stay single, I am enjoying working on myself, and elevating myself. I will not have to save the person I want to be with, nor will they have to save me. That person when the time is right will understand what mutual respect is and what a healthy relationship looks like.

I am absolutely thrilled with my journey, even when the growing pains can get a little rough.

Happy and Thriving,


Keep It Simple Sweetie(K.I.S.S.)

Keep it simple, Sweetie. When most of us try to move forward, make a change, or start our soul journey, we may tend to over complicate things. We can make things harder than they need to be and leave ourselves in a confused distraught mess. 

Not to long ago I found myself in an anonymous self help group.  I am a co-dependent, my addiction is people and problems. I didn’t know why life and functioning healthily didn’t just click for me, and the majority of the people in my life were addicts and alcoholics, who displayed similar but different dysfunctions as me. 

My overthinking drove me into the ground, I would reach out to others in this group, and they would tell me Keep it simple sweetie, and let go and let god. It was hard for me to understand how could I just let go of this complicated mess ( that I thought I needed to fix most of the time) until realized I was the one making it complicated. I was usually trying to bend the situation or outcome to what I desired it to be. Letting go and keeping it simple helped me keep my head above water.

Other times I found myself going stagnant, I found boat loads of wisdom in the phrase Easy does it, but do it damn it. If it means you have to take a slower pace to work on certain things, that may be pain full so be it as long as you are moving forward, and not getting complacent.

When things turn upside down and i’m not sure which way is up, or things seem just a little too rough I use these two phrases as checks and balances. Am I keeping it simple? Am I continually pushing forward? Am I letting go of the things that aren’t meant for me?

On our journey it is good to keep ways to check and balance ourselves and our path, so that even when we wander we will never be lost.

Learning, Loving, Growing


Either You Can Or You Can’t

“Whether you say you can or can’t… you’re right.”

Have you ever heard that before?

The first time I heard it I thought “What on earth does that mean?”

But my knowing how powerful the mind is, I realized that THAT is what it was about.  Our minds are so powerful.  Things we say over and over again, in our minds, does indeed become What Is So.

So if you keep telling yourself you can…. then you can,  You will OR at least you’ll give it 100%!

And…. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot…. Then you won’t.  You’ll talk yourself out of it before you even attempt.

BUT…. YOU get to be right.  Do you want to be right?  Some people sell their souls to be right.  It means more to them to be right than it does to be joyful or fulfilled or successful.  Those “got-to-be-right” peeps… they’ll stay where they are, and maybe blame their upbringing or their lifestyle or their physical frailties.  BUT all that… THAT’S a story.  A story to stay complacent, stay stuck, stay period.

If you want to have something happen and you want to see what you’re made of and you want to believe in your heart that you can…. then do one thing.  Just do one thing to work toward it.  Say positive statements to yourself that will train your mind to know what it Can Do.

In the meantime…. Just do the next thing.

Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

Battles In Every Day

Battles. There are battles every day for you to face. The most powerful one is the battle in your mind. You could be happy one minute and sad the next. Joyful one and mad the next. On track one minute and falling apart the next. AND…. there may not be any rhyme or reason as to why except- it just is.

Can you see it coming? Can you feel it as it’s showing up? Can you name it and claim it and do something about it? That’s the key. Can you do something about it? With God you can for sure!

Then the next questions is, do you want to? Do you want to live for your higher purpose? Do you want to live the life God has planned out for you? Do you want to take on the Battle in your mind and make it right?

The enemy is sly. And a liar. So you’ve got to ask yourself, why on earth are you listening to that!!!? Jesus has more power in His baby finger than satan has in his whole army. Seriously! The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and God came so that You may LIVE. So the next time there SEEMS to be a battle going on, remember you have on the armour of God and NOTHING can penetrate that.

My WORST day with Him is far better than my BEST day without Him.

My goal is to finish what God started.

Do what’s right even when life isn’t right.

Not only saved from something but saved for something

Created by God, Built for a purpose

Where are you looking?

“The grass is always greener on the other side, but it still needs to be mowed.”

Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

Who Will You Choose To Be?

When you wake up in the morning who do you choose to be? Most days I wake up and I choose to be the best version of myself that I can be. Other days I wake up and the weight on my shoulders feels so heavy I must force myself out of bed. Life is a balancing act, as I am sure you are all well aware of. We all have our struggles, but it is how we choose to deal with those struggles that define us.

After my first blog post I had a few people send me messages and ask if I should really be sharing such personal thoughts and feelings. At first, I began to doubt myself and if what I was doing was the right thing. However, the more I thought about it I realized that yes, it is the right thing. I shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for what I have gone through and what I continue to go through. This is a personal blog for a reason, it is about my life and I choose to share it. You never know what another person may be going through, maybe someone will read this blog and realize they share some of my experiences.

Right before the long holiday weekend my washing machine broke and gave me a fun little flood. I’m pretty sure the girls had some secret plan to create as much dirty laundry for their mom as possible in the few days that followed. One peed on the couch and instead of telling about it she got up and moved to another couch cushion…great now I have not one, but two cushions soaked in piss. While I am cleaning up said piss the other child is hiding in the corner pooping in her new Minnie Mouse underwear. I know you have been there moms, caught in some parallel universe of should I yell, cry, laugh…maybe a combination of all three?!? Sorry kid but those underwear are going in the trash and you can both sit on the floor because we don’t have couch cushions!

Circling back to my very first post about my birthday, I did indeed indulge in some yummy treats. My best friend surprised me with my babysitter for Friday night, and that is no small feat as my sitter is hard to book #mybestieisbtterthanyours! If you are a parent with small children and you find an amazing sitter, hold on to them because good sitters are hard to find <3 So…. we have some ladies’ night shenanigans planned for the evening, stay tuned for how that turns out.

I choose to laugh, to smile, and to live with intention without fear of judgement from others. People will always have an opinion about you and how you live your life. But the key words there are that it is your life, you get to choose how you live it, who you let into it and who you kindly (or not so kindly) show the door to. Let’s be honest here not all people who are in your life deserve to be in your life, weed those people out even if you have to drag them kicking and screaming out of that damn door. I choose to be in control of my life and future, I choose to be humble, I choose to be the best mom that I can be! Who do you choose to be???


Remember, hugs are always free!

xX Tamara xX