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Respond, don’t react…

I have been thinking lately about the things that shape us, the events in our lives that mold our behaviors and responses toward the past, present and the future.  My mother says that when we reconstruct the way we hold the past then we bring alive the possibility for a new future.  New futures are a good thing they allow us to be free from the same old song and they change us…change is good, it is enlivening.

When you look back on the particular string of events that makes up your life, do you see certain things that caused a crack in you along the way?  Once you locate the ‘cracks’ you sort of see how everything else was colored by them in a certain sense…the first heartbreak colored every relationship after that, the first death of someone you loved, the first job experience etc, etc.

All those cracks weaved in and out of everything caused a shift in behaviors and responses, so that one day you look down the road you have traveled and you can see what caused you to have the walls and defense mechanisms that now make-up who you are.

The good news is when you see it you can change it.  You can start to become clear about when you are reacting to something based on the past instead of responding to it based on the present.  Reacting and responding are two very, very different things.  Reactions can cause more cracks in a human being and responses come from a place of power.

Be awake in this New Year and start to learn when you are reacting and being at effect of something instead of responding and being at cause.  Cracks can be filled and foundations made strong again, you have the power to create the life you want in every moment.