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TWSM Book Review ‘Heartburn’

Heartburn by Nora Ephron is a novel that I have wanted to read for ages and finally did. I have always thought of Ephron as the cool, funny aunt that I never had (no offense to my actual aunts who are lovely women). Heartburn is a great read, and the story behind the story is astounding. 

Heartburn’s main character, Rachel, a successful cookbook writer, discovers seven months into her second pregnancy that her husband Mark is having an affair, just as Ephron discovered during her own second pregnancy while married to Carl Bernstein, the journalist who broke the Watergate scandal. In spite of the striking similarities of the novel to Ephron’s real life, the book is full of laugh out loud humor and personal empowerment. Rumor has it that she also bought a house with the proceeds from this best selling book, demonstrating that success is the best revenge. 

Some of my favorite quotes from Heartburn include: 

“I don’t like blaming family members for what goes wrong with children, because someday when my kids are arrested for grand larceny I don’t want anyone looking accusingly at me, but Mark’s behavior was so obviously Florence’s fault that even Florence knew it.” (Chapter two) 

“This reminded me of those feminists who are always claiming that male domination is not the natural state because there’s one tribe in New Guinea where the men lie around weaving and the women hunt bears.” (Chapter four) 

“I kept expecting him to reach out for my hand, or touch my face. He didn’t. Rachel, I said to myself, this will not do. You cannot go anywhere, much less home, with a man whose idea of an apology does not include even a hypocritical show of affection. Say no. Tell him to drop dead. Crack one of your father’s atrocious lamps over his head. Go into the kitchen and invent the instant waffle. Anything.” (Chapter seven) 

Heartburn is an authentic, painful, and humorous ride. Ephron herself was also a true inspiration. When she died at the age of 71, she had been married for over twenty years and was an award winning writer of books, plays, and screenplays. 

If you would like a good laugh (and perhaps a good cry), I highly recommend Heartburn

Rating 4 stars out of 5 

Heartburn by Nora Ephron Copyright 1983 

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TWSM’s Book Review of ‘Fools Rush In’ by Kristan Higgins

This is the FIRST full audiobook that I have ever listened to and will review. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised.  I chose a Kristan Higgins book because she is well known for writing what is called ‘women’s fiction’ and as we know that’s right up my alley…I haven’t written a book review since High School people so away we go…

Meet our heroine Doctor Millie Barnes. She has just moved back to her hometown of Eastham and has an executable game plan to win over the man she has been in love with since High School (who by the way has NO idea that she even exists), Joe Carpenter who is…you guessed it…a CARPENTER!  Millie is determined to drop a bunch of weight, get asked to be a doctor/partner in a local family practice and undergo a makeover that turns her into a beauty queen. Millie was the proverbial ‘ugly duckling’ in High School on Cape Cod and she is convinced that making all these changes to herself and forcing Joe Carpenter to fall in love with her will complete her life.  Millie could not be more mistaken as we all know that sometimes what we want isn’t what we need or what will makes us happy…

One of Millie’s dear friends is local Policeman, Sam Nickerson. Sam was married to Millie’s sister for a long time until she cheated on him, skipped town with another man and moved to New York. Millie’s sister left behind her son as well as her husband and Millie was left to pick up the pieces of her sister’s shattered family.  I don’t want to give away too much so suffice to say that Sam plays an interesting part in the overall story.

We are also introduced to Millie’s family, a few other close friends and her co-workers and it’s easy to quickly get invested in rooting for Millie as she finds her way from who she thinks she SHOULD be to who she is really MEANT to be.

‘Fools Rush In’ is an unconventional love story as well as the story of our heroine finding herself and coming to terms with shedding the past and all that goes along with it.  It’s a fun, light listen (on Audible’s Romance Package) and it made driving back and forth to Cape Cod in Summer traffic much more enjoyable than normal!  I highly recommend!

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***Although this isn’t part of the promotion, I am currently part of a paid sponsorship for Audible’s Romance Package. Also please note that I truthfully LOVE the books that I have been listening to and this endorsement has been one of my favorites!