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Do You See The Signs?

Do you see the signs?

I have a friend who tragically lost his teenage son the week before my wife died. He’s the kind of friend where phone calls never lasts for less than one hour. When we get on the phone we can talk about anything and everything and it’s always a pleasure spending time with him.

I spoke to him yesterday. We talked about his son and Toni and how we know they are still here. He said that when he feels a chill he knows that his son is there with him. And he also indicated that many people he knows have a little bit more difficulty with aspects of such things outside the scientific realm. I said to him that that’s OK there’s no need to provide proof, he’s there because you say he’s there and that’s all the evidence you need. Those who have gone before, live in our memories. That much is certain. Everything else is open to conjecture.

Science is a moving target, not set in stone. Science has documented that our thoughts can affect plants. Years ago that was thought of as witchcraft. I studied geology in college and the theories of how the earth was formed and what it’s made out of have changed over the years based on new discoveries. So, what science says is true today, may be adjusted in the years to come.

I reminded him of the example out of the book ‘The Holographic Universe’ that describes how everyone has a hole in the center of their irises. It’s a blind spot in each eye that we all have, yet we never see a blank spot in what we see. What happens is our brain calculates and makes up what should be in that area instantly and in real time. So, even though we don’t know it, what we see is made up. Except that we say that, because we see it, it’s a fact, it’s real, it’s irrefutable. Not so. We experience the world through our five senses. We can’t see ultraviolet light, yet we can prove it exists. We can’t hear the frequency of a dog whistle, but dogs can. We have to wonder what else is going on around us all the time that’s invisible to us because of our limited senses? 

Many people have had the experience of feeling the presence of someone or some thing around them. We get signals through intuition. None of these can be scientifically proven yet, but they can help us be more aware to our surroundings. I know people who say that good luck is coming when they see a cardinal. Are they crazy?

I say absolutely not. 

I saw the first tulip popping up in the garden outside the bedroom window. I made that up as a sign from Toni. I can’t prove it. It may not seem like a sign to anyone else, but I say it is. And that makes all the difference.


Always Choose The Sunshine

Always choose the sunshine…

Over the years my husband and I have often received long stares and dropping jaws. Why, you wonder? Well, when conversations start with “You have an army” or “Wow, you have a basketball team”, and so on, our response always happens to be “They are twins and triplets” and no one ever knows how to react.

The response is often followed by blank stares, pure shock and “how do you do it?”

How do we do it? 

It is simple, we live off faith, hope, love and lots of patience.

Five little lives, five strong willed personalities, five dinner requests, five million loads of laundry, five cars to buy some day, five cell phones bills in our near future, five college educations, well, you get the picture.

To many people this sounds like a disaster in the making, but the truth is, it’s a blessing. We have five arms to hug us multiplied by two, five lips for goodnight kisses, five sweet voices saying “I love you” each night, and Lord willing, five chances to have a positive impact on this ever-changing world. Five chances to raise kind, compassionate, determined individuals that will one day go out into this world, as strong, outstanding citizens. 

No matter the cards you are dealt in life when you find the sunshine, the positive, the opportunities and never fail to rise to the occasion, despite the circumstances, you will win every time. You will begin to find blessings in, what, at times, seems, impossible. I often remind myself on the hard days that “someone bigger than me has a plan”. There is a purpose to every circumstance, every challenge, and everything you face and when you begin to realize that purpose, it will leave you speechless. You are always enough, always strong, even when you feel the weakest, and always, when given the chance, take full advantage of the blessings that are right in front of you. It’s a choice each and every day to find the sunshine, even among the clouds and haze. 

Choose to find the light in the dark, never stop searching for the positive, and never,ever give up.


What I Believed

I was reading Noelle’s Blog the other day called ”What Do You Believe” and I was going to comment at the bottom but wasn’t sure if you’d see it.  Go to the Blog & read it,  It’s a really GOOD one!!!  It’ll open your mind.

It reminded me of my first marriage. In the beginning, I did not really, really, really see the effect his outbursts were having on me.  Mainly because whenever he did go off on a tangent, I’d remove myself.  I’d go for a walk or sit outside or visit a girlfriend.

BUT they were still there.  And YES, they had an effect on me….BUT I stayed because, well, after all…I did love this man….and it’s what I saw growing up, so I THOUGHT.. ok.… this is my journey.  Live with it.  Be his helper, his partner, his friend.  OK….  Yes…..  To a point.

NOT to the point of destruction.  Not to the point of holes in walls.  BUT mind you…I didn’t really GET it… I’m talking REALLY TRULY GET IT…. until….

I went to a girlfriends house and saw a conversation between her and her husband, that I thought should have been an explosive one (based on what I believed about bad situations).  They spoke lovingly and kindly and respectfully to each other.  They held each other’s hands and explained and listened and kissed afterwards.  I had NO idea this type of talking in the middle-of-an-upset existed.  I thought it was okay to scream and yell and throw things.

NOT!  Not today.

Until that day I went to my girlfriends house and saw a new way…. I did not know what I Did Not Know.  I only knew What I Believed.

So, getting too the root of what we believe, will take some work.  Some rigor.  Some soul searching.  And some looking at some ugly stuff we may not want to see.  

But it is SOOOOooooo worth it.

Go.  Search.  Look.  Find.


Your God girl


Either You Can Or You Can’t

“Whether you say you can or can’t… you’re right.”

Have you ever heard that before?

The first time I heard it I thought “What on earth does that mean?”

But my knowing how powerful the mind is, I realized that THAT is what it was about.  Our minds are so powerful.  Things we say over and over again, in our minds, does indeed become What Is So.

So if you keep telling yourself you can…. then you can,  You will OR at least you’ll give it 100%!

And…. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot…. Then you won’t.  You’ll talk yourself out of it before you even attempt.

BUT…. YOU get to be right.  Do you want to be right?  Some people sell their souls to be right.  It means more to them to be right than it does to be joyful or fulfilled or successful.  Those “got-to-be-right” peeps… they’ll stay where they are, and maybe blame their upbringing or their lifestyle or their physical frailties.  BUT all that… THAT’S a story.  A story to stay complacent, stay stuck, stay period.

If you want to have something happen and you want to see what you’re made of and you want to believe in your heart that you can…. then do one thing.  Just do one thing to work toward it.  Say positive statements to yourself that will train your mind to know what it Can Do.

In the meantime…. Just do the next thing.

Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

A Dream With No Direction Or Work Is Just A Wish

A dream with no direction or work is just a wish.. All my life I’ve been a dreamer, but at the age of 29 single with three kids I couldn’t just dream anymore, It was time for action. I decided a while ago I wanted to be a realtor. So I put my nose to the grindstone and did research on how to become licensed in my state. Being on a fixed income I had to find the most affordable without taking away from the educational experience. Real estate board are extremely difficult to pass so if I was going to invest in myself I needed to do it right.

After a couple of months of research and saving I found a small local school where the classes were only 250 a peice. Three classes span over three weeks, A lot of information in a short amount of time for a price I could kinda afford. I got this I would tell myself every morning before class to quell the fear and self doubt. You see This was a big step a big process for me. I was making one of my dreams real and tangible. Which ment it was no longer protected and safe in my dream world… It could fail, I could fail. Reading myself affirmations every morning and simply telling myself I could do helped me push through all the obstacles I faced over the three weeks; I became extremely sick my second week, I refused to miss a day. the third and final week my car broke down, so I took the money I saved for my start up costs and repair my vehicle and then door dashed while I finished my classes to make up the money.

After all of that hard work I passed both of my exams, on my first try! I was so proud of myself. I quickly Joined a Brokerage, possibly too quickly. I became frustrated and felt uncomfortable in the office that I choose. After almost of two months of what felt like beating against a brick wall I switched brokers. I switched to a Team with Remax results and I am just starting to get back into the swing of things. I feel more comfortable here and I am excited to continue my journey as a Realtor.

Until next time..

Always be unapologetically true to yourself,


I Never Forgot When Someone Told Me This

“Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.”

Day 2 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge:

I have been told plenty of things by others about myself, most of them transparent and generic. Kind words but probably not genuine. The things you’re suppose to say in certain situations. I am guilty of doing that as well.

There is one person in particular who has always told me that he believes in me. I am a vocal, independent woman who has had some made for tv moments and years in my life. I have been beaten down, broken, spiteful, bitter and angry. I have huge shoulders and carry a lot of personal weight and responsibility for others in my life and sometimes I just need a turn and need the support of someone too. He often tells me he believes in me and that is just enough to get me back where I need to be. I believe him, I know he does, and I also know that If I fail or fall he will still believe in me. He believes in the person that I am and the person that I strive to be. He is genuine and shows it daily. He is not generic and transparent and he proves this every day. And the reason I believe him is because he is here with me through every good and bad moments of mine, accepts that those moments are his too and we share the excitement, pain, sadness, and joy together. He believes in me and I believe in him. I will never forget. His constant belief in me has helped me believe in myself.

Love to All-Kim



Success = Self-confidence and Enthusiasm

“Self-confidence is an essential quality for all worthwhile accomplishments.”   – Napoleon Hill

If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect anyone else to believe in you?  No matter what has happened, you must have Faith in your ability to accomplish whatever you want.  Often it is easier to believe in other people, especially when things look dark and difficult–it is during these times that you MUST manufacture confidence in yourself and in your ability to create and take action.  When I say, repeatedly, that nothing is impossible– I absolutely mean that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.  The first step to making the seemingly impossible, possible is to have certainty and confidence that you have whatever it takes to move mountains.  Most people do not succeed because they do not believe they can have or deserve success.

Enthusiasm goes hand-in-hand with self-confidence.  Being self-confident and expressing enthusiasm about what you are doing naturally attracts support and goodwill.  People want to be around people that are confident and happy because it makes them feel better about themselves.

When you are going through difficult times and starting to doubt yourself, call on the people that know you the best (your lifers) to remind you that you have what it takes to turn the tide.  Their FAITH in you will give you something to stand on and it will help you remember who you are.  From that renewed perspective you will be able to MOVE YOUR MOUNTAINS and produce  results.