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Time And Money Saving Two Meal Entree For Those Back To School Nights

If you’re like me back to school time can be totally crazy, especially on nights where you have to be two places at once and don’t have time to cook or really know exactly when you will be home that night. The meat reheats great and can be easily used the next night with a quick cook microwave veggie on day 2.

What you need:

Pork Chops

Bread Crumbs

Ears of corn (we did 3)

Garlic salt or your favorite seasoning

Spring Mix



Other Salad Toppings

Olive Oil

This meat is a deal….it’s actually 4 meals worth for us. Tonight we are using half and freezing the other half.

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees

These pork chops are huge so you will want to cut them in half…so 3 in the pack make 6 really good size pork chops. Coat them in olive oil & bread crumbs. Cook for 25-30 minutes.

Boil your corn and make your salad.

Disclaimer: My kids pretty much eat the pork chop & corn only. They will eat veggie pasta & some of the frozen microwave veggies…so that’s how we avoid fast food on night 2. Just reheat & serve.

You can see the entire recipe along with photos at https://fake-it-until-you-make-it.com/2018/08/14/two-meal-entrees/


You can follow Bethany on her blog at https://fake-it-until-you-make-it.com

Back To School Basics….For Lunch Anyway

If you’re busy like me the school year means stress…sometimes lots of it. I have 2 kids one in soccer and one in baseball….one me. Plus my kids are picky about what they wear and what they eat. So basically I can never win.

My kids are the kids who are picky about clothes & shoes, they like what they like. Meals better be chicken or turkey, pork, or fish…like I’m dead serious. If you haven’t been following look- the menu is geared towards things my kids “might” eat. As far as water it better be in a glass….they refuse plastic. They are ages 5 & 6. Before I claim to have a huge list of “crunchy” lunches let me tell you they won’t eat that. So when it comes to school lunches this is what they do eat:

Chef Boyardee (or the generic)
Spaghetti Os (or the generic)
String Cheese
Veggie Chips (they are unique)
Ham or Turkey
American Cheese (to spite me)
White bread (again to spite me)
Anything from Little Debbie

Now you get it. I do go to the local Farm Market & Costco…let me be clear that I’m trying. Just understand I need them to eat.

My kids are nasty-anything plastic will come back funky so this year…I’ve posted alternatives. We are using the lunch sack from Pottery Barn…as apposed to a lunch box…..but I’m liking these finds so far. They fit one regular sandwich, half a peach, 1 and a half kiwi, crackers, & a string cheese.


You can follow Bethany on her blog at https://fake-it-until-you-make-it.com