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I Think I Can

“I think I can”…..The Little Engine That Could.  Have you read the book?  If you have not, it’s a must! The subliminal message within ‘The Little Engine That Could‘ ,speaks volumes.  These are the kinds of books, stories, words, that mold our thinking.  They open our mind to a new way of thinking.  They push us beyond the place where we might give up.

I read a quote from Henry Ford once that I keep in my back pocket:




Think about that statement.  Our egos can be so powerful that the brain believes what we think about.  Our actions are then generated from that thinking.  If you think you can….most likely… you will!  If you think you can’t, there’s not even a chance of succeeding.  You’ve already talked yourself out of it, you’ve already given up, and most likely you’ve already got a stack of excuses as to why you can’t.

Some of us are so committed to being right that we aren’t even open to something different, we aren’t open to expansion, creating new or giving up the old.  We’d rather be right.  We’d rather stick our heels into what might not be working, so that we are right.  We’d make someone with imagination and ideas, wrong, because we NEED to be right.  That my friends, is the EGO working overtime.

There’s a difference between CAN’T and WON’T.  For instance, I won’t skydive again.  I take ownership of the action required.  I’m not selling out or quitting.  I’m declaring that I won’t.  Here’s a can’t.  I can’t do 100 push-ups in a row.  So if I choose to be successful in this quest,  I get to rephrase it to “I’m not physically able to do that BUT I can do 4 sets of 25 and work my way to 100.”

Start with something small that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t succeeded.  Look at the words you’re using to describe it and rephrase it so it works for you.  I think you can!

Go Get It. 


Your God girl


It’s All About The X

It’s all about the X…

Sooooo…the whole list of ten things exercise…what an eye opener that always turns out to be…for those of you that are not understanding this it has been mentioned on several FB lives and in a past blog.  I suggested that people play along with me in seeing how effective they really are in their daily lives. The suggestion was to make a list of 10 things that if you did them EVERY day you would feel like you were winning in your life.  The 10 things are up to you, could be whatever you want…then make a chart for the 10 things a day, 7 days a week and start giving yourself a daily score by putting an X next to tasks completed and a 0 next to those left undone.  

This is something that one of my coaches assigned me a long time ago and over the years I start it up again from time to time to see how I am doing with being effective and creating forward motion.

Began this again (and invited you guys to start it too) on Jan. 12th when I did the FB Live Coffee Chat that Sunday morning.  Here are how things have stacked up since then…

1st week start Jan. 12= 90, 80, 90, 100, 70, 70, 50

2nd week start Jan. 19= 70, 60, 60, 80, 80, 60, 50

3rd week so far Jan. 26= 50, 70, 70, 50, 40 (fri and sat still to go)

As you can see, I got more pathetic as time marched on…so when I want to know why I am not producing certain results in my life, here is my answer.  These scores are SO typical of me and the way I approach things, come out of the gate balls to the wall and then lose steam over time, then I will give myself a pep talk and get back on the beam and go balls to the wall again.  The result being and UP and DOWN kind of momentum instead of a steady forward and organized force. This is the pattern that has gotten in my way for decades and I am really committed to breaking through this and having it be a different way.

I encourage those of you not playing this game with me to join in—given that the 10 things can be whatever you want it should be relatively easy to knock it out of the park with this process…unless you are me…LOL

Things on my list include working out, reading for an hour, making the bed, keeping the kitchen counter clear, gratitude journal…simple things really…things that one should be able to easily accomplish daily.  Several days I simply decided to rebel against the list and purposely did not complete things that were simple as if I was punishing whom exactly????

Funny thing to note is that on my 90 and 100 couple of days I was so on purpose and filled with energy that I even surprised myself with all that I accomplished…kind of seeing a self-sabotage thing going on here…which I am committed to breaking into so stay tuned for updates on my scores!

Don’t forget to join me Sunday morning at 10am EST for Coffee Chat on FB Live.

Have a good week and here’s to the X’s.

With Love,


2018 Approaches Another Year To Put Behind Us

And here we go, the countdown into the Holiday Crazies and 2018…another year to put behind us and another year to create in front of us.  2017 was the end of a lot of things for me, mainly my corporate Executive Team position with Dreamstime.   Most of you know that after almost 15 years I stepped down to spend more time with my family and to do the work that I feel compelled to do in the world…it has been a time of transition and 7 months later there are still days when I feel complete and utter terror, however I also feel a sense of freedom and right choice.  I know without a doubt that I made the right decision and I look forward to starting the year fresh with my own company and not having to worry about what other people are doing.

I am starting to think about making a list of all the things that were accomplished in 2017 and all of the things that need to be left behind, behaviors, attitudes, conditions and in some cases people.  I am feeling like 2018 is going to be an amazing year filled with miracles that we don’t even expect.  Soon I will start talking to you guys about writing down goals for 2018, so start thinking about that—if you could accomplish ANYTHING in 2018 what would that be??

Also start thinking about what needs to be left behind you as we enter into this new season–and what in 2017 you are grateful for.  The more work we do on being complete and preparing for the new year that we want to manifest, the better things will be.  We will keep talking about this….