Survive Or Thrive-The Choice Is Yours

Thrive or Survive, the choice is YOURS.

Lately I keep seeing all these posts and memes about how people are “surviving” this pandemic and how they “survived” 2020 etc etc. Which is fine, I get it…it has been tough going lately out there in the world.  However,  the word “survive” brings up very different emotions than the word “thrive” does and I wanted to bring that to your attention.

Survive brings up feelings of “just getting by”, “hanging on by a thread”, “barely making it through” etc 

Whereas THRIVE brings up feelings of power, high energy, growing, learning, being enthusiastic etc

TWO very DIFFERENT sets of emotions behind these words.

Who decides whether or not you thrive or survive??? YOU DO.

Who decides what your emotional ‘set point’ will be? YOU DO.

You get to say whether you are surviving or thriving, you decide this— not your circumstances.   I want you to SEE that.  

If you allow the world or your current circumstances to dictate your emotions and your attitude it is likely that you will live out a miserable existence most of the time.  Did you ever read the ‘Diary of A Young Girl’ by Anne Frank ????  She lived in one tiny space with her whole family as they went through the Holocaust for two years and yet she managed to remain positive and inspiring even in the worst and most horrible conditions…HOW?  She decided, that’s how…she made up her own experience of what was happening around her, she decided on her response…and her diary has gone on to become one of the most famous books in the world.

My point is that if she could remain in good spirits then so can we.  Yes, there are things happening right now all around us that may be less than favorable— yet this can inspire the optimist and the leader within us…perhaps in 100 years our diaries and writings from this time in history will inspire a new generation.   

Don’t under estimate your influence or your personal power to create the life that you want.  Quit bitching about what is wrong and start looking for what is right.  Start to THRIVE rather than just survive.

XO, Noelle

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