Stop Talking To Yourself

Stop talking to yourself….

My mind, like yours, is going nonstop 24 hours a day seven days a week. That’s why meditation is so valuable and so difficult. We are always talking to ourselves about one thing or another, and a lot of those things we’re saying aren’t very helpful. Our tendency is to be quite critical of ourselves. We wouldn’t talk that way to a small child because we know it would be cruel, but that doesn’t stop us from talking to ourselves that way. When we’re not criticizing ourselves, we are imagining outcomes that we don’t want. 

In Dale Carnegie’s book How To Stop Worrying And Start Living he reminds us that 95% of the things we worry about never happen. Yet our imagination actually creates them in our mind as being true. Napoleon hill, as a well as many other self-help and metaphysical authors, say some form of ”we become what we think about all day long”. We actually bring into existence what we think about.

When I first heard of this many years ago I actually did an experiment. Whenever I couldn’t remember I would always say just that, I can’t remember. So, instead I would say to myself and out loud “I’ll think of it in just a minute”, or “it will come to me”. You know what? Almost every time I would remember. For me that was dramatic proof, so I started doing it more often in all different situations. Instead of jumping to “I can’t do it” I would say ”I can do this”. 

Simple affirmations, like my wife’s favorite “I know what to do and I do it”, has gotten many people through many hard times. When you think about it, we can think anything we want at any time. My wife had an analogy that I really like. She said “it’s like when you’re staying in a hotel and the maid comes by and knocks on the door and wants to come in, change the beds and clean the room, we can simply tell her not now and send her on her way down the hall. But instead, we let her in and make her tea and crumpets.” 

When we have thoughts that are not productive, we can simply send them down the hall and replace them with thoughts that are productive. We are the ones that are in charge.

I know that unless we master meditation, we will continue to have a mind that is constantly going. We will always be talking to ourselves, but we can stop talking to ourselves…..that way.



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