Step Out Go Forward

To step out. To not see it yet. To go without answers. To make it up. To begin again.

My son took a job in Fort Wayne,IN and invited me to move there.  I knew a handful of people.  My sons best friend from college and his family.  That’s it.

I had been to visit the 2 summers he was interning, so I got to see a little of the city.  When he invited me to move, I said yes.  Very quickly, happily, excitedly YES!

I did not know where I was going to live, how I was going to get there, if my current home would sell, if I would find a job, etc. etc. etc.  There were so many unknowns.  So many risks.  So many things to do, to get me there.  So many unanswered questions.  And so many reasons to say no and stay where I was.

I did it anyway. Every step I took, every call I made, every question I had….it all worked itself out for the good.

Every single little thing.

Every single big thing.

Everything kept falling into place.  Like it was all designed for me.  Like someone went before me and made a way where there was no way.  I know it was God, but that’s because I’m a God-girl.  You may call it luck.  I call it blessed.

Not one hiccup.  Not one failure.  Not one tragic moment.  If one door closed, another one opened.

If one avenue of opportunity couldn’t’ accommodate me, it caused me to research a little further till WALLAH, the most amazing one said yes.

I just kept doing the next thing, stepping out and moving forward and miracle after miracle after miracle kept showing up.

Go on and take a step.  You might be surprised at what shows up.



Your God-girl,



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