Step Away From The Cookie

There’s a book written by Joyce Meyer called “Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes – giving yourself permission to lighten up.”

Which is a bit different from what I’m saying.  She’s saying go ahead, “eat the cookie” and I’m telling you to “step away from the cookie”.

Let me back it up….. you can eat the cookie, heck you can eat all the cookies.  BUT if the 2 you said okay to, leads to 3 and then 3 leads to 4 and before you know it a whole row is gone, well then…. Houston,we have a problem.  

Can you think of a reason why when you give yourself permission to eat 1 or 2 you end up eating 6?  Lack of discipline & self-control? An attempt to comfort an upset emotion?  Starving and there’s nothing else to eat in the house?   Literally.  

My nemesis is dark chocolate.  Have you ever been tempted, lured and teased with the idea that a little isn’t so bad?  So you say yes and then you justify more, with legitimate reasons.  Well first of all, if we have to justify it….it’s a problem.  You see, when you have a healthy relationship with food, there’s permission, acceptance and accountability within your eating habits. Not false justifications.

I used to write down everything I ate.  I’m talking EVERYTHING.  I kept a log like a biologist tracks cell growth.  If I went to a party, I ate before I went so I wouldn’t be hungry and then give into the chips and dip.  I had a very controlled eating plan, yet, I was out of control, really.  

I’ve learned over the years to trust myself, be okay with my anxiety & loneliness, make smart choices, and enjoy an occasional splurge.  If I was hungry or thirsty my body would tell me. I didn’t have to be in control all the time.  I learned to trust myself.

My hope is that you can “Step Away From the Cookie” if you’re there because your heart hurts AND you’d be okay with the heartache, trusting yourself all the while. 


Your God Girl


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