Spiritual Development

It wasn’t until I accepted my spiritual side that I began to heal.

What truly separates us from other species on this planet. To some extent its our emotions, but there are many other animals that can display emotions. Some believe our ability to communicate, our intelligence and mental cognition is the key, but animals can be taught to do the things we do and even teach certain species sign language.

I believe what sets humans apart is Spirituality. I think spirituality is the key defining factor of the human condition. We search for meaning, we try to find out place, we try to connect to the power that is greater than us and find its design in the mess called life. Now I am an amatuer in this catagory. I don’t claim to have any answers on what the higher power is or isn’t, or what that higher power had in mind when all of this was put together. I feel, and sense something, I know I am not alone.

When I was on my downspiral when I had hit bottom in my life, when I felt like a failure I acted like a defiant child not getting their way with crossed arms and declared non belief in a creator.  I found out fast that rock bottom had a basement, I triggered something toxicand it ate away at the hope and joy in me. I had turned my back on the powers that be claiming they’d abandoned me.

The pain, the sorrow, and how lost I felt after that point I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

It wasn’t until I accepted my spiritual side that I began to heal.

I highly urge and recommend we become students our spiritual nature. Discover what it means for you to be spiritual. You do not have to label your spirtual side with a religious title, you do not even ever have to share it with anybody. Your spirit, your spiritual nature is for you alone. Its how we fill that hole in our chest and breathe just a little easier. Learn how to feed, water and grow that side of you to become a better, happier, more successful person.


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