My Small Business Is My Baby Too

Owning a small business is HARD.

Pouring your heart and soul in to something on the hope that one day you will realize your vision is exhausting.

Being a single mom is HARD.

Waking up in the night alone for months on end through breast feeding, teething, leaps and growth spurts is exhausting.

Doing both?

Can I just say that I am tired. Like, a tired that I feel so deeply inside of my bones I don’t think I will ever feel the same kind of tired?

I started my small business 3 years ago, I built it up with my mother from nothing. Slowly graduating from the dining room- to the game room- to taking over the entire house- to finally a warehouse. In fact about a month after signing the warehouse lease with my mother I found out I was pregnant. Not only pregnant but due in THE BUSIEST MONTH OF THE ENTIRE RETAIL CALENDAR, November. Right before Black Friday. Yay?

Please don’t get me wrong I was over the moon excited to be pregnant, I was in love with my little pea already, but as a first time mom trying to imagine how I’d get through the month of November with a newborn was very scary.

Black Friday came though like it is ought to do and with my little girl strapped to my chest in a Tula after being up every hour for three weeks straight cluster feeding, pumping and doing everything I could to keep my supply up, I went live on Facebook starting at 5am and we went until 10pm.

It was brutal. But somehow we did it. We had to. My small business is my baby too.

Being a small business owner and a single mom does have its perks, the main one being, having the ability to set my own schedule. Powering through being up every hour and going to a 9 to 5? No idea how people do it. You are amazing. On the other hand though, while I did take a step back from the business I didn’t really get any maternity leave. The envy I felt watching mommy friends stay home from work for 2 or 3 or even 6 months was intense.

My mother and I set up an office at the warehouse with a pack n play and a couch, these days at 8 months old we have baby gates and a play mat for her too.

She is a little warehouse baby and although I will never be able to work my small business like I used to being able to keep her with me at work every day is priceless.

Single Mom Boutique Boss

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