Siri Is My Friend

Siri is my friend.

There is a commonly held idea that men don’t like to ask directions.

As a guy, I am here to say it’s true.

We could get into a long discussion about whether it’s true or not and why,
but that’s for another time.

With Siri, you can ask directions without anyone knowing.

First, open settings on your iPhone and go to Siri & Search and make sure ‘listen for hey Siri’ is toggled on.

Then what you do is say “hey Siri” to start up, and say the address you are going to, for instance,”Directions to 302 Mountain View Dr., Colchester, VT”and Siri plots the route in Maps. It really is that simple.

You can also ask for directions to businesses like, ‘Directions to Starbucks’.

If you have your home and work addresses on your contact file, you ask for directions home or to work.

But then here is the little known magic you can perform. If you don’t like Maps and would like to get those directions through Google Maps or Waze or some other mapping app you have on your phone, add the app name to the end of the command.

For instance ‘directions home with Waze’ and presto, pulling up directions using that app instead of Apple Maps.

I use Siri exclusively while in my car, since in most states it’s now illegal to hold a phone while driving. She can read my texts and emails to me and let me respond if I want, play a particular song, open Audible so I can listen to an audiobook…she is multi talented if you speak to her correctly. All this while she also helps me be a safer driver.


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