Sitting In Silence

Websters definition of silence is “complete absence of sound”, “the fact or state of abstaining from speech” and “the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something”.

Some truly enjoy sitting in the silence and they look forward to it, while others cannot bear it.

Are you on the like side or the dislike side?

Do you struggle in the silence? Have trouble sitting still? Or do you look forward to it? Finding it to be a refuge? Finding peace, joy, happiness & bliss there?

If it’s like a prison for you, the silence can easily bring about too much emptiness, darkness, & loneliness and it can be unbearable.

If you learn to sit with the silence and learn to manage the emotions and feelings that come in the quiet and begin to heal those places that are upset or hurting, the ones that show you your deepest despair….. When you start to heal those places, the silence can become a wonderful place…. a place of reprieve, reset, and renewal.

When you sit in silence, are you being recharged, refueled and filled up? Do you find time to read the book on the coffee table, write in your journal, iron your clothes for the week or tinker in the garage, ….All the while appreciating no noise, no conversation, no words.

In those silent moments we don’t necessarily have to be alone…we can sit in quiet solitude with a friend, a lover, a coworker. ….it’s not about being alone perse, it’s about the peace and quiet you can find within …. enjoying what’s right there, at that moment. No words, no communication, no thing.

For those who do not like the quiet it can be a difficult time, with no noise to focus on, they are only left with their thoughts, their body, their quiet. They may tend to go inward and some people have a difficult time with that.

If you enjoy the silence, I stand beside you and applaud that you can be free in the NO-thing. And if you struggle with it, I pray that you find someone, something, somehow, somewhat…. to work through whatever fears you have there so you too, can be free as well. Ever Onward…in the silence. 🙂


Your God girl,





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