Sherri Frontino

Sherri is a pocket full of sunshine, seriously FULL of sunshine.  It oozes out of her, spreading all over everyone in her life.  She’s a beacon of love & light to many.  And she thanks God for that.  “God takes what the devil means to harm & turns it into something good.  Always.  Something good is always on it’s way.” she says with a gracious tone.

Sherri’s been a stay at home mom for 25 years.  Her children who are all grown up (25 y.o. son and 21 & 19 y.o. daughters) are her world.  They’ve been what drives her, fuels her ambition and frees her to make it up as she goes.  Her biggest wish for them is that they rely on, turn to and support each other throughout their lives.

Her youngest is heading off to college soon and Sherri was hoping her baby would stay local and attend a state college, but it’s time for her to spread her wings.  AND because of her academic scholarships ….it is smart financially for her to go. 

When she drops her daughter off at college, she’s heading to the Caribbean.  To relax, to think, to grieve.  The life that she has known & loved for so long is changing and this is a good way to “Begin Again”.  She’s creating something new, coming into her own, on her own.  And it’s good.  

There’s freedom in an empty nest along with a once-in-a-blue-moon pity party.  She lets it run for a little bit “poor me poor me, blah blah blah”  but then she cuts it off at the knees and shifts her perspective to all the miracles & blessings in her life.  The time it takes for her to shift her thoughts is faster than it’s ever been and she’s certain it’s because of her daily time with God.  It is her most favorite part of the day!!  It’s like she’s sitting with her best friend.  

Sherri’s taking a real good look at what’s in front of her and making some hard decisions with what she’s going to create next.  She’s a fighter and her courageous, powerful and blessed essence are showing her she can have new life and new beginnings. 

Sherri works at Nordstrom’s warehouse counting, organizing &  ordering the makeup.  She loves it. This introduction back into the work world has been a great experience for her.  Her past years in the corporate world have added so much to her attitude about what really matters.  While she works hard and is happy to be in the trenches, it is her maturity and positive attitude that encourages conversation with the younger coworkers.  She feels BLESSED to be there and be an ally to them.  God has a bright future ahead of her and this is a stepping stone into what’s next.

Trusting Gods will for her life is a must for Sherri.  She knows she could not survive without it!  AND her warrior spirit keeps her going when the going gets tough.  People think she has had the picture perfect life. 

Her life looks easy.

Don’t be mistaken, she’s had her challenges, and she’s suffered and hurt…. but her faith and positive spirit pull her through.  In times of trouble she may feel weak but she knows she is strong.  She aspires to be the person God made her to be and is helping others along the way with her experiences, good and bad.  Sherri believes with all her heart that in the suffering, she is made stronger.

Lately, taking care of herself, having me-time and teaching Zumba are a few ways she stays on track.  A few verses that she keeps in her back pocket-full-of-sunshine are:

“Don’t forget to live while your living.”

“Life is short, take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake”

“Just because things aren’t going right doesn’t mean the path you’re on is wrong.”

During Zumba, she encourages, inspires and hopefully helps another  to be a little healthier.   And if they can have fun and laugh while getting through the virtual class… then she’s done her job.

 She dreams big and goes after it.  After all, if you don’t go after it you won’t ever get it and then what will you have?  If it’s meant to be, it will be & if not, God has something better!  She aims to live her best life, living every day as if it could be her last.  

She’s living her dreams from the heart.



~Interview and write-up completed by Tracy

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