Saving Photos From Text Messages

Saving photos from text messages…

I know that if you’re anything like me, you are sending and receiving text messages all day long. Within those texts are most likely pictures too. Many of them are disposable, like the pictures of a cat rolling on the floor in seven different poses. Yet there are times that you receive photos that you really do want to keep. Thankfully, all photos in text messages are not automatically saved into your camera roll. If you want them there, you have to move them yourself. Here’s how to do that.

Open the messages app and go to the conversation that has the pictures you’re interested in. Press and hold the image until options appear and tap save. That will now be in your camera roll. If you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, tap the photo then tap the box with the arrow coming out of it and choose save image.

If you want to save all of the pictures from one person, again open the text message conversation where the images are, then tap on the person‘s name at the top, and tap the info icon. Then scroll down on that screen all the way to the bottom and choose, see all photos. And now you can select all of the images that you want to save at once. Once you are done tap save at the bottom left.

Understand, that typically photos sent by text message are usually a lower quality. So, if you want a higher quality photograph, always send it through email and choose the resolution size you want.

We all love our pictures, and carry a professional quality camera in our pocket. Now you have a way to keep from having to always scroll through your text messages to find that one special photo.


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