I Remember September 11th

I do remember….

Friday was September 11th and just like the day it happened I was driving into work listening to music.

When 9/11 happened I was listening to the radio and I remember the DJ saying the Twin Towers were on fire and thinking it was a joke. Then getting to my office and realizing it wasn’t.

Everything right now  seems very divided, very unlike the days after 9/11. I was deep in my drive when I noticed a guy in a truck frantically waving at me at the intersection. I naturally assumed he was mad at me, but couldn’t understand why as I wasn’t doing anything wrong. As I started to drive by I noticed his window was down and he was waiting. I reluctantly rolled my window down with my heart in my throat.

As we were talking a car came speeding behind us out of nowhere.

He started…

I am so glad you stopped. I saw that car and could tell you couldn’t see it and all I could think is I can’t let that happen to her.

I got teary.

I said I thought I was doing something wrong.

He said no, that car was coming and I could tell they were in your blind spot and I was afraid they were going to hit you.

I thanked him profusely.

We had a group grouse about the speeding and horrible parking in our neighborhood.

I thanked him again and told him to have a good morning.

He told me – you too and waved.

I drove to work on silence.

None of what happened lost on me.

A complete stranger looked out for me.

I know there are days it is hard to see it, but there are good people out there.

One of my favorite good news men Tankgoodness had this to say:

“Remember what you felt like the days and weeks after 9/11. We all pulled together. We were humans first, Americans a close second, and all the other BS didn’t matter. ….it’s not too late to come together.”


A hundred times yup

To my friend in the truck and cowboy hat, thank you so much for reminding me of that.

To you Mommas- be safe and much love

<3 Caprise

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