Release The Hold

Release the hold….

Have you ever had one of those days that before you even get out of bed, the to-do list is beyond long?  You muster up the courage to get out of bed and start the day only to find more is coming at you?  More requests, more questions, more changes.  At what point do you say no?

Maybe the no’s should have started yesterday with all the things you added to the list for today.

We do not have to say yes to everything, every time to everyone.  Release the need to say yes when we mean no, release the need to have approval from others, release the desire to be so busy we don’t have to face the true feelings, release release release.

It is not going to be easy. People expect certain things from us.  They expect a certain behavior – that we have trained them to expect.  So now, we have to retrain them by releasing what does not serve us any longer.  They may not like it.  They may ridicule and complain and huff & puff about it.  BUT they’re state of mind and happiness is not your concern.  YOURS is.

Release the people, places and things that bring you stress.  Say no to the things that do not serve a higher purpose in your life.  Walk away from situations that pull you down, drag you backwards and take away your personal power.

Only when you release will there be room for something new to come along.  Imagine…. You have 10 things on your to-do list today.  Ten ridiculous errands/chores that add no value to your life, but you want to be a good mother/friend/employee/etc… so you said yes to all of them.  THEN an event comes along that would excel your business, or teach you to reel in your back talking child, or give you the tools to be your #1….AND you cannot go, because your day is full up & all filled in.  There’s no room for anything of value.

Release and make room!

Your God girl,


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