Regain Your Childhood

Regain your childhood.
Jim Rohn wrote an article about things that we can learn from children. As we grow older we become more serious and practical. For the most part that’s a good thing, but one of the things we have lost in the process is our ability to be curious, like a child.
I remember growing up being very curious. I wanted to know how things worked, how to build things, and most importantly I was very curious about nature and animals. I loved being outside and didn’t care whether it was raining or hot or cold. I loved watching the squirrels around the yard collecting acorns and eating them or taking them off to store for the winter. I love seeing hawks circling in the sky and discovering fish in the pond.
My curiosity came alive again living in Vermont surrounded by woods. And most recently while my wife was confined to bed. I hung some bird feeders outside the bedroom window. We were amazed at the traffic outside the window. There were about 15 varieties of birds, raccoons, chipmunks, groundhogs, squirrels, and even a black bear. We cataloged all the birds that came year round. We began to see patterns and behaviors we hadn’t seen before. We watched the Blue Jays bully everyone around the feeders and the chickadees waiting their turn or at least waiting to approach the feeder when no one else was around. They’re always very quick to grab their seed then fly off. We delighted in watching the chipmunks go from collecting seeds in their cheeks for the winter, to romping around and chasing each other all around at breakneck speed
If you think about it , wonder and curiosity actually feed us but, unfortunately, as we grow into adulthood, they are the first things to get cast aside. We say we don’t have time or that it’s a waste of time to spend wondering when there’s work to do.
My opinion is that curiosity and wonder are a form of meditation. Our bodies naturally slow down and our imagination increases. We exercise different parts of our brain and if you think about it that’s how all problems get solved… By wondering and being curious. By thinking differently. If you think about it, taking time out to wonder, could make you more productive or effective.

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One thought on “Regain Your Childhood

  1. Tracy

    Thank you for mentioning the behaviors of the blue jays and chickadees. I love when the little guys come to my feeders, but like you said they take the seed and quickly fly away. 🙂 And what an imaginative thing to do to make notes and watch their patterns. Ah …. to sit and ponder!!! TY


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