I Am Ready for Anything

I am ready for anything……It is Sunday and I started this a bit late. So rather than coffee I have an icy Diet Pepsi and The Foo Fighters keeping me company.

Dave Grohl is singing about signs. “ I got superstition. Rulin’ my decision.”

His refrain is a bit relevant to this week’s blog. I went back to work this past week and aside from being a bundle of nerves I also went back with a bundle of worries.

It would be easy to think I am worried about safety and while I was a bit, I was and I wasn’t..  I trust my employer and myself.

It was all the other things.

I have mentioned this in a previous blog a bit cheekily but now I am going to address it head on.

I worked for the same company for almost fourteen years. And while the last year was incredibly stressful and if I’m being honest not pleasant- I knew it.

Getting hired in the midst of COVID for almost six months I had been protected by a computer screen.

Any quirks and awkwardness I kinda could hide. If I was stressed I could step away from my computer.

I had a much more leisurely morning routine. To be honest my routine in general.





All things I need to think about.

I would miss my daughter, my dog.

I also would now have to deal with a phone, that piece of my job had been taken away for a bit.

Before I tell you how it went. Again I have to say how lucky I am. How fortunate I am. People I care about have been impacted by all of this. I am reminded daily what I have.


I survived.

In fact I am going to say, I thrived. I have found my place. While I can only see everyone’s eyes they are smiling.

Mine are smiling back.

For the first time in a long time I leave work happy, not because I am leaving lol, because I’m happy where I work.

One of my friends reminded me being a Mom prepares you to be ready for anything. To take things as they come.

So, as I head back into the Wild as I call it, that is exactly what I am doing. I am ready for anything. Or last I am pretending I am.


Be safe and much love Mommas

<3 Caprise


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