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Time to read a good book..working from home, or just staying home has presented us with new challenges. All of us have had more extra time then we can remember.

 Some are using the time to take online courses, learn, or brush up on, a new language, or read a good book again. Reading books was often put on the back burner until we went on vacation. But, this could be a part of our new normal.

 I’ve been reading a lot more myself, and being more of a geek, I read all of my Books on my iPad. I love being able to carry 20 or 30 Books with me at all times. My favorite apps for reading books are Apple‘s books (free), Kindle (free), and Audible (2 free books@$15/mo.). Apple’s Books and Kindle are use for reading hardcopy books and Audible for listening to a book being read to me.

 Both Apple’s Books and Kindle are free apps to use once you purchase a book and downloaded it. Audible is a subscription service that costs around $15 a month and you get two free books to download per month.

 If you’re on an iPhone or an iPad, Apple Books is the easiest and most integrated app to use. What I have found is sometimes I can’t find a book I’m looking for and Kindle has it. That’s the main reason I use both apps for reading books.

 Audible, has upped the number of books I have read because I don’t have to physically read them, I listen to them. Therefore, I can “read” while doing other things. I will often be listening to an audiobook when I’m doing dishes or cooking. I almost always listen while I’m driving. So, I am able to read more often.

 Apple Books and Kindle offer some very nice options. You can very easily highlight text, bookmark pages, and even take notes while reading. You can simply tap on the word and look it up in the dictionary to make sure you fully understand context. All three apps will remember where you left off and can be used on a desktop, iPad, or iPhone.

 With all the options, there is no excuse to not start your summer reading now.


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