Possibility Exists

A statement on my office wall reminds me—always– that you can accept the reality of a situation, however you are NEVER to accept its permanence…Possibility is NEVER absent. How many people even really understand what this means?

It means that– yes, SHIT happens…however when it is happening it is not set in stone, when something doesn’t go your way or turn out the way you want, it doesn’t mean that your life sucks! It SIMPLY means that the particular relationship or situation did not turn out the way you wanted. Possibility is NEVER absent; it is only hidden from our view when our negative thoughts and words obstruct it. We are the only people that can keep our own good from us…not your boss, your spouse, your kids or the government…only YOU. You keep your good from coming to you by engaging in thoughts that are not useful…thoughts like :

“I will never have another girlfriend like THAT”

“ I will never have money again”

“My career is awful”

“The economy is bad, it’s no use”

“I’m this old and this is what my life is like??? REALLY??”

“My car is old, my living quarters are awful”

“Everyone around me is annoying”

And ON and ON and ON it goes…if you let it. Once that dark ball gets rolling in your mind, it’s hard to stop. It takes a GREAT amount of effort to stay positive in the face of anything, a GREAT amount of effort to stay in faith that things will be better, a GREAT amount of effort to trust that good is coming. Nothing good comes easily, nothing lasting is formed without great effort. Life is not supposed to be easy, that Staples button is a crock of shit…the fantasy of that button manifested itself from a society that is becoming lazier by the day…HARD WORK is how you gain anything that matters and you know why you get to keep it after you worked your butt off for it? Because you EARNED it…you did whatever you needed to do to get it and you elevated yourself in the process and so now you earned something and you became a different person because of that.

Whining and wishing for the EASY button will bring you a whole lot of NOTHING and if you do manage to grab something from the EASY track, you won’t be able to keep it because spiritually you didn’t earn it, nor did you change in order to receive it. Why do you think that so many people that win the lottery end up losing it and having their lives ruined? Because they didn’t EARN it.

Your life is the way it is because that is how your life is supposed to be at this moment, you are where you are because you need to learn something, because you have to grow and test new skills…if everything was EASY you wouldn’t learn a damn thing.

There is GOOD in every situation even when you can’t SEE it! It is there…it will show itself faster if you can remain open to the fact that possibility is never absent, possibility is like GOD…ever present…

I am not saying that you should avoid whatever ‘reality’ you are currently in, I am saying be mindful that it is simply a PASSING circumstance…DO NOT accept the permanence of any situation…EVER

Everything can be altered…everything…

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