Personal Inventory Can Be Difficult But Must Be Done

Personal inventory

One of the keys to running a successful business is keeping an accurate and updated inventory. If a business doesn’t take regular inventory of their product stock, how much of what is or is not working/selling the business will quickly go bankrupt. The same holds true personally for us as individuals. If we do not take a hard look at ourselves in a fact finding and fact facing way we will be come emotionally, mentally and physically bankrupt. By doing this we can make a list of our strengths, weaknesses, character defects and resentments. By itemizing our selves we can go through and figure out what areas of your inner most self and external self need work.

An easy way to look at this is each and everyone of us is a brand, whether you want to launch your personal brand or not you are uniquely your own brand. A brand is much more than just a label, its everything we are. From how we perceive the world to how we present ourselves; the clothes we wear our personal beliefs, literally everything. Many of us have character defects that hold us back from tapping in to our personal potential, by doing a honest inventory and looking at it in a judgmental fact finding and facing process we are one step closer to no longer sabotaging ourselves.

First start out with listing all of your resentments, all resentments are a re-feeling something negative. Not just anger it can be shame, sadness or any negative feeling. Set it aside

Next list your weaknesses and character defects. Set that aside as well.

Finally list your strengthens

Now with the list of resentments you want to look over how each one affected you, did it affect your pocket book, ambitions,self esteem? What ever it is you need to find a way to move forward and let go, each resentment will hold you back.

Similar with character defects, except with just letting it go what can you do to fix these parts of yourself? Example, one of my character defects is people pleasing how ive worked on this aspect of myself is learning to put my self first and saying no.

Finally your strengths. I am a strong believer that our strengths talents and passions are directly correlated to our purpose here on earth. Zeroing in on these things and building upon them instead of trying to ignore and suppress them is the ultimate way to build a wonderfully purpose driven life

This is a difficult but essential step in developing and improving yourself and your life. Also you cannot do this once and just be done, personal inventory is an on going process, but its worth it.

Take it step by step and remember..

Always be unapologetically true to your self


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