In The Middle of Impatient Be More Patient

Did you ever notice when you ask God for patience things start to heat up in the world of impatience?

The grocery lines are longer, the red lights are more often and the little old lady that you let cross the street is going slower than a turtle.  And THAT is how you will become more patient.  In the middle impatient moments.  Yup!   How else would you learn?   Only then can you retrain yourself toward being more patient.  Only in a long line, while you’re late will you be pushed to your limit to see if you really can adapt to this new way of being.  When you pray for patience, God is not going *snap* & give it to you, he’s going to create situations for you to hone your skills.  To sharpen the blade, to heal the wound to humble the judgement.

You can do it.  You just have to look at it with NEW glasses on.  See the beauty in the moment, notice the children around you or the glimmer of the sun on the snow or the consideration you hold in your heart for those who just might be having a tough week never mind a tough day.  Allow others the space to go at their own pace because you are full of love and kindness.  Right?

You think I’m crazy?  Okay… think about teaching a young child to walk.  They put one foot in front of the other trying to understand how it all works to only fail and fail and fail.  Falling after one step.  Falling after two steps.  It’s not coming too easy for them.  They have to train themselves.  Focus on what is working and what isn’t working and get better at it each time.  This is how you will learn patience.  One step at a time.

Try it.  If you haven’t already….go ahead…ask for patience.  Pray about it.  God will deliver to you the perfect situations you’ll need to learn just that.  Are you ready?


Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

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