Obtaining The End Result

New Year’s Resolutions…..everyone has their way of getting to their end result of improving one thing or another. Most people try to turn over a new leaf for something in their life specifically at the beginning of the year.  I personally, am not terribly fond of that. I’ve never had much luck with New year’s resolutions…I have all these ideas of what I would like to do and improve…lose weight, save money, pay off debt, etc….problem was I KNEW what I wanted to fix or improve but never had a game plan! I was just playing the game of New Year’s resolutions…

I still announce my goals for the year on New Year’s Day, but I have also spent the last 30 days writing out and seeking information for me to reach those goals. Breaking them down into smaller goals with the end result being the finish.  I am one who needs instant gratification so breaking down the large goal in to smaller goals is what works for me!

I also choose resolutions that will be obtainable, I try to be a realist in all things. I still set the bar high, or nothing changes, but I don’t set it so high that I end up being disappointed in myself.


Love to All-Kim


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