TWSM Movie Review ‘Like A Boss’

I’m glad I didn’t believe the review about this movie before I decided to watch it.  The critics HATED it! But then given a title like “Critic” might make you a little more critical than the average joe.

I laughed so hard at this movie!  Tiffany Haddish is hilarious!  A laugh a minute!  I believe she is one of the funniest actresses on the planet and she helped turn a not so good day in my life, to a day in which I laughed till it hurt.

Mia and Mel are best friends who have had a makeup business since they were kids, starting out by doing makeup for girls at dances to creating a small, yet popular and successful makeup line affectionally named Mia and Mel. Unfortunately, Mia and Mel had run upon hard times.  

The company catches the eye of a not-so-nice (to put it kindly) makeup mogul Claire Luna.  She offers to pay off their debt with a 49% interest in their company with the catch being that if either of the twosome ever quit, her interest increases to 51%, making her the managing partner.  After much bickering between the two they agree and partner with Luna who immediately begins her tactics of trying cause enough of a rift for one to quit.  She forces them to fire Barrett, their store designer and makeup mixer (this scene is priceless!) and steals and their famous “One Night Stand Kit” product and sells it under another one of her companies.  

The two break up as friends.  The stress of the entire situation has become too much.  Thankfully, other friends’ step in and remind them of how close they have been over the years and the importance of one another in each of their lives.  Long story short, they mend their relationship and find a way to beat Luna at her own game.  They are even able to re-hire their employee, friend, and confidant, Barrett.

This movie provides a lot of laughs.  It’s good for a cold, rainy day or a girl’s night in.  The bottom line of this movie is friendship.  It reminds us that friends are treasures.  Nothing can come between friends unless we allow it.  Love your friends!  They are your chosen family!


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