Mother’s Day Redo

It is Mother’s Day as I type this and I woke up angry and exhausted.

I am ashamed to admit that.  But I am tired of this.

Everywhere I turn. AND everyone has an opinion and it’s crushing lately.

I am trying so hard not to be that person. You know her… Debbie Downer. I am grateful but I am full of regret and hurt.

I am angry.

Like really angry.

And the thing is… that’s ok.

I am gonna say this for those of you in the back. If you haven’t showered for five days. If you are letting the kids eat chips and salsa for breakfast. While not the best choice. It’s ok.

There is no manual for this.

I know we have had this talk a few times but we are still here. It’s still happening.

People are showing their true colors and I’m gonna say it, some people ooh dang. Suddenly I seem very bright in comparison even though I feel very gray, lol.

I will say as much as I try not to be in my head I have begun to learn what matters to me. Really matters. 

I’ve said this before but I am going to type it LOUDLY. Remember who people were to you during this. That’s them. 

I know look who’s giving you advice? Ms. Crabby pants. 

When you are finally able. Love on your people. Remind them all the time. Who they are to you. The biggest lesson I have learned is how I am in friendships and … relationships.

It’s a different world when you can’t meet your friends for coffee. When you can’t have dinner with your favorite person.

Words suddenly matter.

I text and call people like it’s my job now.

There’s a meme about taking this time to get in touch with ourselves but we are baking banana bread.I’m taking it to strengthen my friendships. To make sure the people I love and care about, always know I do.

I am a guarded person who is working really hard to put my guard down. Time is precious. People are precious. I didn’t realize what I took for granted, until it all changed.  Until it’s not there.

I have been fed a yummy breakfast. Hopped up on several cups of coffee. I am much less grumpy than I was this morning. But I have to keep telling myself it’s ok. It’s alright. 

Remember ok is good because it can be great. 

It’s ironic isn’t it I don’t want any more advice, but my hope in sharing this with you, is that you find some comfort in knowing if you are feeling any sort of way-you’re not alone.

Much love Mommas

Be safe 

<3 Caprise

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One thought on “Mother’s Day Redo

  1. Amanda

    The part about paying attention to how folks treat you now really hit home for me. It’s been a crap show at work. I’ve been warned about the true nature of certain folks and well, it came out lately during COVID (sadly). So I’ve learned to play my cards closer to my vest and watch out for myself. I am no longer naive.


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