When Miracles Occur

When Miracles Occur…

In my quiet time this morning I was reading about perception, expectation & illusions.

When we come upon a situation, we summarize our thoughts about it through our perception, our reality, our interpretation, per se.  We create our reaction to the situation based on past memories &  understandings, and previous situations that appeared to be the same.  This process is from the ego mind.  It is from our senses reminding us of what to expect and how to be.  It is not necessarily the truth.

A miracle can occur when we look beyond the view, of our physical perception, and believe that there could be a new way.  A different backdrop.  An unspoken word.  A loving response.  An outcome that was never thought of before.

Miracles occur naturally.  It is up to us to make the space for them to show up.  It’s up to us to give up the way it used to be to have something new happen.  Instead of going on auto pilot and creating a story in our head about a situation…we could sit back and be still and be in the moment of ’what is’ and watch it unfold.

Crazy?  No, just egoless.  It’s the giving up control of our expectations.  No more preempting with “what about me?”… “what about my feelings?”… “why this?”… “how will I handle this?”…  ETC, etc. etc.  Whatever you tell yourself when something comes along, it is coming from your yesterdays, your yesteryear.  It is not healthy to lay out your ideas of what’s going to happen…..before it even does.

Imagine…you were bitten by a dog when you were little and then later in life a dog comes along and you’re frightened.  You’ve never met this dog before let alone never seeing it before, so why are you afraid?  It could be the most loving dog in history.  But you’re in a reactive state of what could happen.  You’re frightened of getting bit, because, well it happened before.  That’s your story, your expectation.

Live in the Moment and put all your ego thinking aside and Just Be.  You are smart enough to handle whatever shows up, strong enough to say what needs to be said and valuable enough to matter.


Your God Girl


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