Noelle – Life coach, motivational speaker, writer, and force of nature

Noelle weighs in on “20 Ways to Attract Good Luck”

Noelle Federico on how to really stand out on Instagram (podcast)

Featured Noelle’s tips about how brands can succeed on Instagram.

Noelle discussing tips for selecting the right photos for social media campaigns.

Noelle was included in this INC article on Things Executives Do Every Day To Succeed

Women 2.0-featured an article written by Noelle explaining how she juggles work and life rather than trying to find a balance

Nashville Biz
Journal featured Noelle as their cover story –she shares that she doesn’t stress out over the work-life balance and why.

The Street-included Noelle in their article: How Working Parents Really Can ‘Have It All’

Ran an article written by Noelle July 10, 2013 highlighting how your digital footprint can cast a negative image and even cost you a job.

Forbes Anette Richmond-included Noelle in an article explaining that credentials alone may not land you a job and how your social media profile can reflect you positively or negatively.

WIRED- featured another article written by Noelle on the dangers of social media for athletes specifying what you should not do on the social media platform.

Business News Daily-featured an article contributed by Noelle regarding proper use of images found on the internet and how to avoid legal issues by not using images that are protected by copyright.

used Noelle’s blog on how she relies on Facebook to help her determine if a candidate is hire worthy.

Noelle shares ways to legally use photos online and offers insight that will keep you out of hot water.

Tomorrows Trends – Julie Crawshaw included Noelle and Dreamstime in her story on Sunday, August 12th

Justin Lafferty’s story
interviewing Noelle on how brands can optimize their Facebook cover photo ran on Friday, October 12th:

Justin Lafferty and Noelle talk about making sure that the photos you are using online are legal.

TechCrunch – Sarah Perez’s story
interviewing Noelle about Dreamstime/Pinterest ran on Saturday, October 13th

Upstart Business Journal – Teresa Novellino ran Noelle’s guest blog on the topic of a blunder/mistake made, how she turned it around, the lesson learned, etc.

WREG-TV’s Live at 9 (CBS; Memphis, TN) – Alex Coleman and Marybeth Conley interviewed Noelle for a segment about Instagram’s effect on photography

NBC / Chicago– Noelle visits NBC Chicago to discuss Timeline Images for Facebook


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