Let It Go

‘Let it Go’….As a former preschool teacher I know that phrase too well.

I can sing you the whole song from the infamous movie featuring my favorite snowman who loves Summertime.

 Fortunately for you my current ear worm is by a guy named Mondo Cozmo the song I have on repeat is called Upside Down. The chorus… “everything is upside down.”


But that’s not this blog.

It really is about letting go.

Of something… rather someone.

 Thanks to social media I have been hanging onto people that let me go along time ago. Over the last year I have not physically talked to these people and the last time I did.

It wasn’t great.

 So, like I have been doing with so many things in my life I let them go. Or in this case I unfriended them. That sounds so harsh.

But that’s what it is in the social media world.

 It’s not that I don’t care about these people, but they made it obvious a long time ago they don’t necessarily care about me.

So why let them peek into my life?

 A good friend of mine has a rule of thumb. If she hasn’t actually talked to you, wouldn’t want you to see pictures of her kids. You’re out.

 This is not that.

 If I am being honest though I like that mindset. When did we become so wrapped up in likes, and how many friends we have?

My favorite is an acquaintance who questioned why my person didn’t like my social media posts. Umm…because we TALK in person.

 Again this is not that.

But it is maybe a little.

 It’s ok to let go of people who aren’t there for you.

It’s ok to let go of people who have hurt you.

It’s ok.

 Sometimes there are people in your life who are only meant to be in your life for a certain time. They do what they came for and they’re gone.

 Other times and I am actually and ironically experiencing this now. People come back on your life and it’s pretty fantastic.

I say this all the time there is no rule book. Ok, there are some but you need to be gentle with yourself and if that means letting things or people go.

That’s ok.

 Be safe Mommas

Much love

<3 Caprise

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