Another Lesson In Handling Worry

Last week I wrote a piece about living in day-tight compartments as a way to reduce the amount of worry we experience. Yesterday I had a great opportunity to practice another one of Dale Carnegie’s principles in handling worry.

 Yesterday was a busy day for me I was up early and out working and running errands and arrived home around 2 o’clock. Around 3 o’clock I went to get back in my car to go to the post office and my car turned over once and then shut down like a switch was turned off. It seemed odd that it would just shut down like that, but I got my jumper cables out and attempted to jumpstart it.… nothing. At this point, I could feel myself getting very aggravated and concerned. I had some important things that needed to get into the mail and it was evident that wasn’t going to happen.

 Years ago when I read Dale Carnegie’s book, I remember one of his principles was to cooperate with the inevitable. I took a look at my situation and realized this was out of my control. My car wasn’t going to take me to the post office like I wanted. I could’ve thrown a hissy fit and cursed like a drunken sailor. I could’ve felt victimized, or acted out in someway, but none of that would help my situation.

 Since I had no control over my car, I thought about what I did have control over. I called a friend who lives nearby to come and take my mail to the post office and I called my mechanic to schedule him to come and help. It was then that I realized there really was nothing to worry about. This was only an inconvenience.

 Reinhold Niebur has a quote that many 12 step programs use in their groups, it is “God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change: the courage to change the things I can: and the wisdom to know the difference”. That’s what Dale Carnegie is encouraging – cooperate with the inevitable.


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