Keep Your Word

Do you have a friend who breaks their word with you?   A friend who cancels at the last minute? One that says yes but then changes their mind because something else came along?  One that can’t commit to your requests to get together?

How does that make you feel?  Stop and think here.  Seriously think… how do you feel?  In your heart.  This is not the place to say “The heck with her, I don’t care anyway.”  Let the feeling sink in and put words to it.

Hurt,  Unworthy,  Uninvited

Ashamed,  Mad,  Sad,  Alone

Do you trust them?  Can you count on them?  Is there a sense of ‘she really cares about me’?   No?  

Okay, now turn that perspective to YOU.  Every time you break your word with YOU.  Every time you change your mind on a yes that you gave to YOU.  Each time you decide to NOT do something for YOU because ‘something better came along’.

You are selling out on you.  You are giving up on you.  And you don’t matter to you.  Over time this kind of behavior creates a subconscious opinion of The Self.  A “less-than” opinion of The Self. You may justify why you change your mind or why the one thing you said was the most important thing is now not happening…. but deep down, you have given up on you.  Then you feel bad, get mad at yourself, cry or moan or eat…whatever it is… you very well might punish yourself.  

This is a cycle that will lead you down a road you do not want to go down!  

If you act like you do not matter, then why would anyone treat you any differently?

It’s time to change how YOU treat YOU!  You Matter.  You are Worth it.  You are Important.

Say yes to YOU.



Your God girl,


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