Keep Your Information Safe

Over these last couple of months weve learned ways of keeping ourselves safe and protected.

But what about all of our information?

This is where Software can help. There are a couple of apps that stand out in this arena. The first, and my favorite, is LastPass (free). This is an app the keeps your information save and encrypted. You have one master password that gives you access to the app and from there you can find all of your passwords, bank account numbers, and any other personal information you want protected. It is easy to use and works across any browser or device. Which means that when you go onto the web to say,, LastPass will be sitting in the background, recognizing where you are and offering up your password to enter that site. And then when checking out youll be able to choose a credit card to pay with. LastPass remembers your credit card numbers, expiration dates, as well as their 3 digit codes.

I have friends who keep all their passwords on sticky notes stuck to their computer, and some that have a spiral notebook with all of their passwords. The beauty of a password manager is all of your passwords are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This has app has been the greatest time saver in my life.

Two other Apps that have similar functions are 1password and Dashlane . 1Password has a free trial and then it costs $2.99/mo. Dashlane has a free component for one device and $5.99 to upgrade. Lastpass is free and full featured but has an upgrade to $3.00/mo for advanced add-ons. ( I have always used the free option).

I cant imagine living without a password manager in this password dominated world. Here is a link to a tutorial on Lastpass so you can get a feel for how it works (free/ premium upgrade) ($2.99/mo) (free/premium upgrade)


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