How Do You Find Time To Juggle It All?

How do you find time to juggle it all?…sometimes, you just don’t.

My son’s birthday is this week and I have felt stretched all week. There’s so many things that I wanted to do for it.   I can feel that my anxiety is rising the closer it gets to the end of the week.   And then I needed to remind myself that it doesn’t really matter what gets done. His birthday will still be here and what is done is done.  I know many times my to do list is longer than I would ever have time for in a week.  

We all stretch ourselves to the max but when do we know enough is enough….How do we let things go and just be content with whatever gets done. How do we know when to just stop before we get completely overwhelmed.   

There is always piles of laundry, dishes in the sink, counter tops to be wiped off, kids to be picked up, binders to be signed, and projects to be done.  My list never ends, I am always juggling, there are days that I think I do not have much to do and then it all comes back to me.  

Besides everything that I want to get done, I also feel like my kids always need something from me.  One of my kids will walk in and talk to me… Minutes later, I think to myself  that I have no idea what they said because I am completely preoccupied with something else.  They sometimes ALL want to talk to me at the same time and I feel like my head is going to explode.  

Right now with working remotely, I will be completely engrossed in work and I will not even know what I agreed to with my kids… for all I know, I could agree to getting another cat at times.  It’s an overwhelming feeling, when you are trying to get it all done…and give everyone the attention they deserve.  Its this constant juggle between what I want to get done and what they want me to get done for them.  

I have now learned to just stop and tell them,” Can we talk about this after dinner or after school tomorrow”.   I want to give them the time to talk to me and discuss what is on their mind, but I also know that I can not give them the attention they deserve right then.  And in return, I am trying to teach them that I can not always just stop in the middle of everything.   

My middle schooler is famous for trying to talk to me about buying something after 9pm at night, I now have to tell her that we need to talk about this in the morning.   All summer she would wait until late at night to ask me about her plans for the next day or about me buying something…the list is endless.  My brain can not function and make smart decisions by that time at night… 

My son said to me last week, “You promised to read to me at night and you haven’t done it all week”. And I thought to myself that he was right…every night before bed something else came up… And the things that came up, were so not important.  They were unloading the dishwasher or folding the laundry, which can obviously wait.  

So this week, I have made it a point to read to him every night. I have stopped whatever I was doing and read to him. For that 20 minutes, I was completely committed to him and his ninja fart book… that he has spent every night laughing at hysterically.  

I have looked at my to do list this week many times and just started to cross off the items one by one that I would never complete… like who really cares if the house is cleaned or the guinea pig cage is cleaned.  Honestly, the only thing that matters to my son is that he gets Dominoes pizza and his special chocolate cake.  And the rest can wait….


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