Jamee Culbertson

Did you ever meet a woman who is so confident and grounded and positive in who she is that you immediately have a real liking to her?

You want to spend more time with her, learn her attitude of gratitude & be in the present moment with her because her calm demeanor is like a magnet drawing you in, deeper still. 

That’s Jamee!

She/Her/Hers is a partner, teacher, artist…who shines her light throughout the world of many.  Many students, many neighbors, many strangers & many friends.  She is teaching, learning & growing as she passes through this life with a center full of kindness & charisma.

Of all the relationships she has, the 2 that fill her up most are with her partner, Marie and her 31 y.o. godson, Gabriel.  Full of great joy, mixed in with some tough times and sprinkled with a lot of love.

She believes that everyone should be able to take care of themselves, be their own physicians, moving energy around to balance our bodies and practice toward becoming our best selves

“You are your own health-y insurance” she says.  “You are the one to change old habits.  You are the one to reprogram old conversations into new ones. You.” 

Her artistic talent has taken many forms…from music & video film to Tai Chi & Qi Gong.  At times you can find her in a meditative state enjoying moments, taking in what’s around her, filling her SOUL and able to then pour herself out & change lives. 

The Alexander Technique is another way she does this.  What started out as a self-exploration turned into a transformed way of being which then turned into days of teaching, guiding & directing others through their own transformation.  It’s important to Jamee that her students get a clear understanding of how everything they’re looking for is already within them and it’s up to them to find it & release its power.

Her entrepreneurial spirit moved her from a few people asking for private classes to teaching at local churches, fitness centers, hospitals and universities.  She didn’t set out for this but as she continued to walk the walk, do the work, and marching forward, doors opened.  It all came together, beautifully.  Like a braid.

She attributes her teachings to the work she did with Toni Stone & Wonder Works Studio.  She learned that there are ways to make something out of nothing…always!  It started back in 1989 at Boston’s Copley Plaza with a personal coaching session, learning about how everything flows.  Her holistic self-journey quickly turned into decades of Entrepreneurial, Goals, and Women’s Groups. 

Jamee remembers her life of shoulders up to her ears, locked knees, tensional patterns, living from a place of manipulation for success. As she began to feel different, things shifted, she changed, and her view of the world turned to a loving, supportive one.  She uses her voice differently now.  The work allowed her to get in touch with her energy, how to create & move it and to better understand her relationship with the earth. 

Jamee admired Toni’s unique harmony & balance between her business and her creativity.  How she made order out of physical & emotional chaos.  How she decorated her house, her yard & herself with beautiful adornments.  

Jamee has a knack for guiding people to manifest transformative ideas & gain understanding that they’re not broken.  It’s about the way they go about what they want, that isn’t working.  You can have what you want, in a new way. Always. 

Jamee is an Agent of the Flow!!!  Giving, Receiving, Sending, Gathering.  Her Tai Chi work is just like Toni’s work. It all flows. Want more? Give more!  Always ring the doorbell with your elbow because your hands are full.  😊

Jamee notices how tasks can sometimes get in the way of her joy.  So she quickly embraces the bliss of the moment; watching kids play, listening to the activities outside, feeling her breath. Standing on her porch, she asks “Can I appreciate… a tree, a smile, a dog?  Staying home?  Something, nothing?  Her freelance work?  Entrepreneurial spirit? 

Her answer is always a resounding yes!   

You can make it happen.  Create it in thought, put it into words with certainty and it automatically changes your vibration.  Notice what you focus on.  Let the thoughts run as they may & focus on the thoughts that are of value.  Anything is always possible. NO MATTER WHAT.

Toni taught that and it marinates with Jamee every day.  Choose… Refocus… Envision… See what it is you want & take action.  If you were off track with Toni, she would cut in with rigor, certainty & love.  Toni would call bullshit, ‘bullshit’, no sugar coating, no coddling… just correction.  Toni could see the patterns.  Patterns in Cycles, quilting, stars AND in people.  Patterns are all over the place.  Toni could see them and speak into reorganizing. It was hard work & it was beautiful.

Working with Toni has taught Jamee how to bring out the best in people.  And this is all there is right now! 

Turning 65 in May, Jamee continues to live a life of great fortune.  Viewing & appreciating her life differently and finding strength in small ways.  Having no attachment to the way things are or can be and turning her thoughts around faster.  

Learning to love oneself is her top subject.  She is an expression of “Be The Love” and only because she lives this, can she expect her students to.  “BE the light & radiate who you already are, watch the flow & carry your spirit into the world & let love in the room.”

( If you’re interested in learning more about The Alexander Technique, watch Jamee’s video here: https://iplayerhd.com/player/SpiritualPracticewithAT )
Interview and write-up completed by Tracy.

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