Independence Day

Independence Day

I am currently sitting on my front porch enjoying the sun, heat and breeze today is giving me. I wish it was me enjoying those three things with my family but the state I live in is seeing a spike in cases and where my family is,it’s the same

So instead I’m pretending I’m on vacation which right now is tricky because my neighbor is outside with her partner and he’s going all in and showing her some exercises. Meanwhile I’m sitting drinking fake cocktails in cutoffs.

It’s the 4th of July. Normally we’d be going somewhere. Instead here I am.

When I write these, music always plays in the background. This week it’s songs from Hamilton which I finally got to see.

I was all set to write to you about the things I’m celebrating my Independence from, but I’m not sure how relatable they are, and do you really want to hear about how during a pandemic I thought it  would be a good time to give up my last vice? Margaritas… and how I have been on a failed quest to find a fun substitute.

How because I still can’t go get my haircut I tried to cut the back myself and my daughter had to help me fix it.

How even though my person is only fifteen minutes away we suddenly feel like we are in a long distance relationship?

How I miss my friends?

I am not a very social person but what I wouldn’t give for some stranger to ask me if I know where something is during one of my rare Target runs.

How I worry about my friends and family everyday.

Every week I put a piece of me in words for you to read. 

This week is one of the harder ones because no one wants to be the person at the party with the arms crossed sitting in the corner.

Again, I dial back to how fortunate I am, but man what I wouldn’t give to bury my face in a basket of chips and a big old side of salsa.

The reality is, that is not my reality right now.

Instead I am trying to focus on my bright spots. The time I’ve gotten back with my daughter. 

My phone, actually being used as a phone. I have mentioned this before but I have definitely upped my phone conversations since March and it’s good.

Working from home – first I’m working. That in and of itself, but it also has meant more time with my daughter. I can’t tell you how much that has meant to me.

I’m learning to be mindful. Take a step back. I am learning to speak up.

I am learning now more than ever it’s incredibly important to speak up, stand up, and tell people you love them.

I am also learning I should not try to cut my own hair.

I am an up and  down roller coaster and that’s ok.

My eating habits are like that of a teenage boy. 

When there is a full moon, stop what you are doing and encourage your family members to look at it.

Tell people you love them. Tell people you need them. Tell people they are important.

Embrace who you are. 

Speak up.

Speak out.

Turn the music up.

Love loudly.

Give your dog hugs.

Talk to your cat.

We watched Hamilton this weekend as I mentioned, and my big take away,those guys didn’t have a rule book.

Why should you.


Be safe

Much love Mommas 

<3 Caprise

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