How To Extend A Hair Washing

I am not into washing my hair often, I am always on the move, I blink and three days go by without my permission. I’m a once a week washer mainly because I am a workaholic and don’t give myself have time to wash and blow out my hair when I get home. I’m typically in and out of the shower because I have one million other things on my to-do list before I go to bed & prep for the next day. She’s booked and busy. 

These are my tips for extending my hair wash cycle. 

  1. Wash your hair super freaking good. 

Lather every inch of your scalp. Top, Bottom, Sides, Middle, Behind the ears (my person favorite). I use a scalp scrubber from Amazon that my cousin gifted me, it’s better than a salon wash. 

  1. Do not go too high up with a conditioner. 

I wash my scalp & condition my ends. Never the other way around. You want to keep the natural oils on the ends and away from your cranium. Putting a conditioner on the scalp near the roots will have your hair oily before you even get to enjoy it. 

  1. Style your hair. 

Do something, anything! A blowdry will get your hair starting the week correct. Sometimes I air dry my locks & wear braids to sleep then fix whatever pieces don’t look cute in the morning. I did that 3 days ago and I’m still wearing the same waves. I added a few more bends in the texture this morning but she is still going strong.

  1. Don’t touch your hair. 

If you’re a hair toucher or hair flipper… you need to stop. Your hands have oils on them, touching your hair will just make it oily and flat. Ew. 

  1. Dry Shampoo. 

No matter the question, the answer is always dry shampoo. I apply dry shampoo right after my initial style of the week because it prevents it from getting oily quickly. I also apply dry shampoo BEFORE going to the gym because it’ll suck up any sweat from your work out. 

  1. Serums. 

On the ends! I don’t know what it is about my hair that the roots get so oily and my ends get so dry. My preferred cocktail is serum on the ends, dry shampoo in the roots & texturizing spray everywhere else. 

  1. Braids. 

Once my hair gets so dirty it drives me crazy, I’ll braid it and wear the braided look for a few days. The little hairs around my ears bother me the most! I just want to pull them out. Once my hair is done looking cute I’m so tempted to cut it all off. I want it out of my face, I don’t want to feel it at all. But because I’m high functioning-lazy, I’ll just braid her. She adds diversity into my look & I love it. I like braiding my hair when it’s dirty because the braids have more grit to them and stay intact longer (life hack).

Well that’s all folks, let me know if you do any of these tricks @Selena_WillCutYou. See you next week! 



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