Healthy Holiday Round Up Part 3

Healthy Holiday round up part 3 is the continuation of a 3 part blog.

You can see ‘Healthy Holiday round up: Part One here.

Part Two here.

I am sure you’ve seen gift guide after gift guide this holiday season from your favorite bloggers. I don’t know about you but the gift guides can be super helpful when buying for that tricky person in your life or getting ideas for teachers, co-workers, and friends this season of giving.

Today I want to provide you with a healthy holiday roundup of some of my PERSONAL FAVORITE resources when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I am by no means sharing this as a sponsored ad; everything I am sharing I am sharing freely because I genuinely LOVE the products/programs.

As we round out an utterly stressful, tragic year, I think we can all do ourselves a favor and bless ourselves and those around us with the GIFT OF HEALTH as we enter into 2021. If you’re anything like me, this year truly revealed the importance of being grounded in a healthy lifestyle- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Below are just a few ideas and products that I love and that I think you will too….or will love to gift to someone you love this Christmas season.

Mental Health & Wellbeing: 

Val Marie Paper– Val Marie offers some beautiful prayer journals where you can write down, record, and reflect on your prayers throughout the year. The planners offer prompts as well. I love this idea of having a special place to journal prayers and be able to look back on them down the road. What a tangible way to pray away the stress!

Powersheets– I absolutely love this goal planner! It was a game changer for me when it came to me actually writing down and planning out my goals for the year. It’s a beautiful yet practical product. If you are looking for a way to keep track of your goals and begin to live the life you truly want to, this planner is for you!

Thank You Cards– One of the best things I think we can do for our mental health and wellbeing is to move outside of ourselves. It can be so easy to become self absorbed in our own minds- our stresses, troubles, you name it. Oh how our minds shift and our spirits lift when we focus on others! Next time you are having a stressful day or feeling down, whip out a thank you card and write a friend, co-worker, or family member and share with them why you are grateful for them. I think you’ll be surprised what happens and how it makes you feel.

Blue Zones Project– I recently got this book and am so excited to dig in and learn more about the Blue Zones around the world and how these people live in certain areas, “blue zones”, around the world to optimize health and longevity. We actually lived in a Blue Zone area a few years ago when we lived in California, which is where I first heard about it.

Other Health/Wellness: 

Young Living Essential Oils– Essential oils are a great way to invite health and wellness into your home and body. I love the Thieves products from YL as well as their Progessence Plus oil, which I use to help balance my hormones because of my PCOS. There are SO many wonderful products at YL for your home, body, and even children. If you need help with ordering any oils or where to begin, feel free to email me at

Hatch Restore– The Hatch Restore is an alarm clock like no other! It doubles as a sound machine and a smart alarm clock that gently wakes you up with a soothing sunrise light. You can personalize your sleep-wake routine so you get optimal and quality rest, create a soothing mood before bedtime with a variety of sounds, and relax with a soft glow reading light.

Bluelight Glasses– I try to wear my blue light blocking glasses in the evening before bed if I am watching TV or on my phone. The blue light blocking glasses are designed to obviously block blue light which can disrupt our natural release of melatonin, hence why it’s important to wear them before bed to optimize sleep quality.

The Defined Dish Cookbook– I’ve been cooking a lot of these recipes lately and they are so yummy and healthy. This cookbook offers gluten and dairy free recipes that are also Whole30 approved.

Healthy Snacks (Great Stocking Stuffers):

Chomps Meat Sticks– These are SO yummy and SO clean and healthy! Each stick packs 9-10 grams of protein!

Aloha Protein Bars– These organic, plant based protein bars are all-things FREE (gluten, soy, dairy, sugar alcohols etc.). They offer 14 grams of protein and are delish.

Pink Stork Collagen Sticks– I talked about Pink Stork further up in this guide. These collagen sticks are great for on-the-go and they taste yummy in your water with their light berry flavor.

GoMacro Protein Bars– Another yummy and clean, plant based protein bar option for on the go meals. This bar is gluten free and vegan! There are 15 different flavors to choose from.

SmartSweets– Ever get a hankering for some good ol candy?! Here is a healthier alternative. These gummies have only 3 grams of sugar for the entire bag and are free of sugar alcohols as well. They are sweetened with stevia and bursting with fruit flavor!

Alright, there you have it! Those are a few of my favorite things! I hope some of these items bless you and help you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

Meghan Meredith
HomeBodySoul, Founder
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certified Personal Trainer


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