The Five Friends That You Need

The five friends that you need….Over the years, my circle of friends has really gotten smaller.  I have a lot of acquaintances, but the number of true friends is really small.  These are the friends that I trust and really give my time too.    

I was thinking the other day about the different types of friends that I have…and how they all come together in my life.  How each one of them offers a different purpose in my circle…and each one I truly need.  

The “listener” – The one  friend that is always there no matter what,  she will just sit and listen to you babble on and on…  She will let you text you all your daily problems every day and just continues to listen.  She will go on long walks with you and just let you ramble on about your life.  She might ask questions and get you to think, but listening is her main purpose.  Sometimes she does not even give advice or offer suggestions, she can just listen.  And in the end, I usually figure out the solution to my own problems because she just listened.  She is the soundboard for everything.  

The “honest” friend- This is the one that tells you exactly how it is… She will tell me to “be nice” and do not go “crazy”.  She is the one friend that will put me in my place when I need it.  She will tell me over and over again to be nice, if she feels I am out of line.  This friend also will remind me of your past mistakes so you do not make them again… She reminds you of the not so good boyfriends, so you do not make that same mistake twice.  When I have a lapse in judgement, she will remind me of what happened the last time.  She is not afraid to call me out on my own bullshit or my “pity party”.  She can read through the lies that I tell myself and get me to be true to myself.  She will tell me if someone is not treating me well or if I am not treating someone else well.  

The “yes” friend–  This is the one friend that always says “yes”, she is always up for whatever you have in mind… Sometimes if I really want to do something, she is the person I will go to because I know she will say “yes”.  Now at times, this can get me into trouble because some of my ideas may not be the smartest, but I know she will say “yes”.  She will also be up for going out or staying in, she will just go along with whatever you have in mind.   The honest friend may not like her at times, because I know she will say “yes” to anything of my ideas. The ‘Yes” friend will tell you, go ahead and send that text… go ahead and go on that date…go ahead and buy that new dress.  I like the “yes” friend.  

The “cheerleader” – The friend that reminds you to look at the positive things in life.  She constantly reminds you to be patient and sends you daily positive quotes.  She is the friend that can always find something good in every situation.  She reminds me to be patient, not rush, and that good things will happen.  She reminds me that when something  bad or challenging happens that something good might come out of it.  At times, I find that completely annoying and can not believe in her positivity.  She reminds you that tomorrow is another day, she will cheer you on in any of your goals in life…

You want to lose 10 lbs, she will be there to cheer you on.  

She reminds you “ whats not to love” when you are down on yourself.  You wake up every day to a “good morning” text from her and when you answer “ whats good about it” she will send you a positive affirmation”.  She is your biggest cheerleader and she is the “snow white’ of the group…

The “Ann Landers” – This is the friend that gives you advice.  She will you advice on anything, life, parenting, dating, cooking, household items, etc.  She seems to know everything and gives you advice on anything.  You know you just go to her when you need advice and you believe whatever she says.  I have no idea where she learned all her knowledge, but she knows everything.  And she can back it up with statistics, data, and personal stories.  None of it maybe true, but you would never question it.  She just has this way, that you never question what she says…and you do it.  

All of those friends come together in my life.  They all add so much and I need them…without question. 


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