On The First Day Of School

This is a different blog for me.

AND… my daughter will probably kill me. But, I wanted to share as many of  you have children who have and are starting school.

G starts school this week. 7th grade, in our neck of the woods that’s middle school and she’s nervous.

We share a journal and I’m breaking the rules of the journal and sharing with you what I wrote to her.


Tuesday is the day. Try as I might, I keep trying to find something sage to say. And I’m struggling.

I know you are nervous. Middle school is tricky. You are entering a new phase of your life. Throw in a unique schedule- it can be a lot to balance. But if you can, I want you to take a deep breath and focus on being 12.

You worry so much about everyone around you. But you know what? We are the adults. Let us worry about you my love. Your job is not to make the adults in your life happy.

Your job is school and making safe and smart choices.

Figuring out your favorite things. Maybe it will be a class. LOL. Or a song, food, book. Reconnecting with your friends. Let me help you manage the rest.

You focus on being 12.


I love you.

So much.

Your knightress,


We kinda got this Mommas and hopefully we can help our littles get it too.

Much love and happy back to school.

Not really. I want summer back.

<3 Caprise

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