Dreaming Is Good

Dreaming is good.

I was on my third dream.  Or maybe it was my 5th dream?  Maybe it was all one dream that just kept changing so fast that in my slumber I didn’t recognize the connections. 

This is strange… I’m in a field yet a phone is ringing.  I didn’t realize if the phone was ringing IN the dream or IN my room.  It took a while for me to comprehend that the phone was actually ringing on my nightstand.  As I rolled over to locate it with my eyes still closed…. you see I didn’t want to open my eyes because then I might wake up.  Even if I opened my eyes just a little bit, I’d lose my place in my dream.  The dream that I was so rudely interrupted from.  I squinted with one eye and the clock said 3:00.  !?3AM?!  Who the heck is calling me at 3AM?  My eyes shot open only to find that it was only a phone number.  And in my phone…if a name doesn’t pop up when it rings…. Then I don’t know you.

I rolled back into my comfy blankets and tried to remember what was going on in my dream just 5 minutes ago.  I tried to go back there. I couldn’t put my finger on it nor could I return to the moment before the phone rang.  I was interrupted and now I was lost.  

It’s kind of like life and the dreams we have.  One minute we’re on a journey, answering the what’s, the why’s and the how’s.  Making lists and enjoying the excitement.  All the doors keep opening, goals become realities, it’s coming to life slowly…. and then there’s a hiccup.  A Huge Hiccup.  Like the phone call in the dream.  It takes you off your groove.  It lands you flat on your face.  Unnerved.  You are without words.

But unlike the inability to get back into your night dreaming, you do have the ability to pick yourself up, wipe yourself off and get back where you were with your life dream and continue from there.


Your God girl


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