Dollee Mallare

Dollee Mallare…’Busy Beautiful Bee’ 

Loving a lot, living a lot, sharing a lot, creating a lot.

When you grow up as a Filipino-American daughter to divorced parents in the 50’s, you are rare.  You learn that one thing is not like the other very quickly.  Dollee learned at a young age she was not like everyone else.  A multicultural background adds a little challenge to one’s life, but oh how rewarding life ends up being when you don’t let people’s judgments penetrate your being.  When you know with confidence who you are, who loves you and what you’re made of.  Life grows you up a very creative, happy-go-lucky woman.

She became a clown because that is when people listened to her.While in San Fran she realized she could use it as a vehicle to reach more people. She and her clown partner,Debbie O’Carroll performed their brand of Education Theater throughout New England and even performed in Amman Jordan.

Busy.  She was busy.  Aside from being all she could be in the middle of her young only-child life she learned lots of ways to survive and thrive.

The most challenging and rewarding part of her life wasn’t:

Attending 5 colleges, 

or performing at Pier 39 San Francisco, 

or being in Paris France, 

or being a clown in the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit  

Nope! It was being a parent herself-a single divorced mom, doing it herself.  She was determined, adaptable, loving all around. She taught her girls self-respect, common sense and honor.  She’s so very grateful she was able to support her girls as a clown. 

With a Masters in Elementary Education, she is glad she impressed upon her girls that education was never a question.  It was a must.  Now, all grown up and living on their own, with wonderful careers, with one daughter living in Boston and the other daughter living in Denver.   Dollee is an empty nester sitting in the joy and love that her & her daughters brought into each other’s lives and the joy she now shares with her life partner Glen.

Fun.  Art.  Music.  Busy Happy Life.

Her creativity didn’t stop as a clown.  She’s dabbled in jewelry- making, taught design, was a face painter & balloon artist and these days you’ll find her painting.  Abstract painting with acrylic and multi media.  Bringing in new ideas.  Creating.  Taking the thought from her mind onto the canvas.  Bringing her thoughts to life.  She’s always looking for different ways to make thoughts come to fruition. There’s no form to it.  It’s a movement.  Creating as she goes. 

She also has a few business ideas.  With time on her hands, she’s wanting to use her time for good. 

Her paintings, ideas, creativity… they are all a work in progress.  As is she.  

She has been working on herself for a long time. 

“What started it?”. I asked her. 

“I met Toni.”, she joyfully proclaimed. 

Toni, who is Noelle’s mom, helped make Dollee the woman she is today.  Toni’s teachings resonated, the times together were enjoyable and the conversations were great.  They talked about the meat of life, there were no appetizers or soup to chit-chat about.  It was deep, honest, truthful conversation. And because of that digging into the self, she is such a better person now, manifesting things in her life and knowing deep down that anything is possible.  

The goals, accountability, support, and the friendships she’s made over the years are irreplaceable.  One time she was sewing a quilt by hand because she didn’t have a sewing machine, and Noelle bought her one.  It was a miracle!  Her very own sewing machine!  What a blessing it was…to be given to in that way.  That kind of receiving opened her eyes and her heart to greater giving, greater living.   

This woman knows with confidence who she is, who loves her and what she’s made of.  She is beauty.  She is beautiful. She creates beauty.  She sees beauty in everything and everyone.  

Life is expressive, happy, wonderful & perfect.



*Interview and write-up was done by Tracy.

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