The Darker The Better

The darker the better….

I am not talking about my level of suntanning. I am talking about my choice of darker chocolate.

I’m not sure if I should thank my dad’s consumption & sharing of his Baking Chocolate Bar with me when I was a little girl, but today, as I stand here as a grown woman… I could consume Baker’s Chocolate right here, right now.   I could also eat a handful of carob nips, without batting an eyelash.

Are you shaking your head? Are you hearing the words in your head repeat a loud “Ewwwww”, “Gross” & “YUK” with a shriveled-up nose? Oh girl! You are missing out! 😊

I never did fall in love with the creamy smoothness of milk chocolate. And white chocolate? That’s not even chocolate and should be called by another name! haha. Every time I would eat anything chocolate that wasn’t 80% or higher, ready to bite at the bit, I would spit it out. And fudge? Now the words in my head are “Ewwwww”, “Gross” & “YUK” with my shriveled-up nose.

And don’t get me going on the ingredients of the many multiple choices of dark chocolate! I was buying chocolate baking chips for my Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Walnut bites (I know, right!!!!!? 😊 ) Anyway, the package said ‘dark chocolate’ but with further investigation I read 65% dark chocolate. Now this girl knows….that is NOT dark! On went my search.

My most favorite bars ever are:

Hu 70% : 3 ingredients (organic cacao, unrefined organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter)

Madecasse 92%: 4 ingredients (organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower lecithin)

TAZA Wicked Dark 95% : 2 ingredients (organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar)


My mantra in the candy aisle: Go Dark or Go Home


Your God girl,


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